Karl can’t even manage to be stupid in an “original” fashion:

So last night (before he deluded himself into believing that I had “insulted” him, threw a tantrum, and hung up on me), Karl had spent an inordinate amount of time blathering about the following two themes:

“Matter is Energy given form by thought”


“Manifesting abundance”

IN other words, he’s basically your typical “New Age” imbecile.

Now, watch this video, and then: we can come back to what I’m trying to get at, here:

Now, Karl’s gimmick consists of equivocating in regard to the key term “energy”.

Moreover, buy the attempt to make “energy” and “thought” more ontologically primary than “matter”, Karl is implicitly — hell, explicitly — committing himself to what Ayn Rand would call the “Primacy of consciousness” viewpoint.

The basic metaphysical issue that lies at the root of any system of philosophy [is] the primacy of existence or the primacy of consciousness.

The primacy of existence (of reality) is the axiom that existence exists, i.e., that the universe exists independent of consciousness (of any consciousness), that things are what they are, that they possess a specific nature, an identity. The epistemological corollary is the axiom that consciousness is the faculty of perceiving that which exists—and that man gains knowledge of reality by looking outward. The rejection of these axioms represents a reversal: the primacy of consciousness—the notion that the universe has no independent existence, that it is the product of a consciousness (either human or divine or both). The epistemological corollary is the notion that man gains knowledge of reality by looking inward (either at his own consciousness or at the revelations it receives from another, superior consciousness).

The source of this reversal is the inability or unwillingness fully to grasp the difference between one’s inner state and the outer world, i.e., between the perceiver and the perceived (thus blending consciousness and existence into one indeterminate package-deal). This crucial distinction is not given to man automatically; it has to be learned. It is implicit in any awareness, but it has to be grasped conceptually and held as an absolute.


Now, in Karl’s case, it is obvious why he would go for the “primacy of consciousness” (and its attendant dismissal/hatred of “matter”).  Karl is constantly and unremittingly defeated by literally everything else around him.  He is pervasively inept, and utterly incapable of exerting any meaningful level of “control” EVEN OVER HIMSELF.  The obesity, and compulsive hoarding, the rickety shit-bucket of a jeep — even the fact that other people can – and regularly do — dare to hold him to standards OTHER — and in many cases HIGHER THAN — his own (like for example, the employers who tend to fire him on a regular basis) — Karl is utterly and pervasively inept, and (barely) capable of even the relatively-trivial activities designated “independent living skills” (or “activities of daily living”)

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Dressing and Clothing Care
  • Health Care
  • Cooking, Eating, Nutrition
  • Home Management and Home Safety
  • Financial Management
  • Personal Growth, Awareness, and Problem Solving
  • Community Access


he would fail any such assessment.  Moreover, he (implicitly) recognizes this fact.  Rather than actually doing something to IMPROVE his level of functioning in the above-mentioned areas (which would actually require the expenditure of effort) — he takes the easiest cop-out possible:

Blame it on “The Reptilians”

Blame it on the “law of attraction”

Blame it on“Malevolent extra-dimensional entities infesting  his Grandparents’ farmhouse”)

But above all else — under NO circumstances — blame ANY of it on HIMSELF.

And THAT — his utter  lack of the ability to even CONSIDER that he might be WRONG about something — goes a long way toward explaining the (otherwise inexplicable) combination of extreme arrogance and near-total ineptitude in the same “person”.

It also goes a long way toward explaining his frantic desire to “manifest abundance” — by the only means he will allow himself – WISHING:

Again, Ayn Rand has a salient quote for that, as well:

What is the nature of that superior world to which they sacrifice the world that exists? The mystics of spirit curse matter, the mystics of muscle curse profit. The first wish men to profit by renouncing the earth, the second wish men to inherit the earth by renouncing all profit. Their non-material, non-profit worlds are realms where rivers run with milk and coffee, where wine spurts from rocks at their command, where pastry drops on them from clouds at the price of opening their mouth. On this material, profit-chasing earth, an enormous investment of virtue—of intelligence, integrity, energy, skill—is required to construct a railroad to carry them the distance of one mile; in their non-material, nonprofit world, they travel from planet to planet at the cost of a wish. If an honest person asks them: “How?”—they answer with righteous scorn that a “how” is the concept of vulgar realists; the concept of superior spirits is “Somehow.” On this earth restricted by matter and profit, rewards are achieved by thought; in a world set free of such restrictions, rewards are achieved by wishing.

And that is the whole of their shabby secret. The secret of all their esoteric philosophies, of all their dialectics and super-senses, of how their evasive eyes and snarling words, the secret for which they destroy civilization, language, industries and lives, the secret for which they pierce their own eyes and eardrums, grind out their senses, blank out their minds, the purpose for which they dissolve the absolutes of reason, logic, matter, existence, reality—is to erect upon that plastic fog a single holy absolute: their Wish.


That is also why pesky questions about how he plans to implement the “computer museum” tend to provoke a tantrum: the dirty little secret is: he DOESN’T “plan” to do it.  He is INCAPABLE of “planning” anything.

And so he sits in his trailer, listening to “creepy-pastas” and “paranormal” radio shows, and rummaging through boxes of shit nobody wanted to even load into their vehicles after 30+ years of hamfests, “dreaming” about a “computer-museum” which will never exist, and occasionally using the sink in his (otherwise-inaccessible) kitchen to wash his underwear.









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