Well, that was informative!

So, Karl called me tonight.

I know, I know: any sane person would simply hang up on the prick, and be done with it.  However, I can’t help but find Karl’s slow-motion descent into (self-inflicted) chaos to be….not “amusing” exactly, but more along the lines of a live-action cautionary tale.

Somehow, I managed to “insult” him (perhaps by p0inting out the fact that continuing to pay for storage-units full of (poorly-sorted) E-scrap to which he is unable to drive strikes me as counterproductive.

See, Karl cannot “afford” to get his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep inspected — not that it would pass such an inspection in any case (due to the fact that it is a rickety shit-bucket, in  need of vast amounts of repairs which (surprise, surprise), he is also unable to “afford”.

(This is leaving aside however many thousands in unpaid medical bills from the strangulated umbilical hernia fiasco — bill which he neglects to even read on principle, since there is no way in hell he would ever be able to pay them off, in any case.

At any rate; Karl doesn’t want to risk driving his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep across two counties, to rummage through the storage units of junk.  Thus, his “computer museum’ will never happen.

Now, any sane and rational person would have cut his losses years ago, but….this is Karl we’re talking about: a compulsive hoarder encumbered with so many other delusional beliefs and “defense mechanisms” as to be utterly incapable of rational analysis of his own situation.

His latest go-to (ir)rationalization involves the notion that some sort of “malign entity’ is “using” me to “bring him down”.  (IE: I am Satan incarnate, merely because I fail to mollycoddle his delusions/indulge in insufficient ass-patting, etc.

I genuinely wish I knew his address, because I would have attempted to get him subjected to a mandatory 72 hour psycho. hold.  NOT because I actually give a shit about the delusional, arrogant dickhead — but merely because handing him over to the head-shrinkers would be LULZY AS ALL HELL.




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