Karl is incapable of empathy:

So, as I’ve said before, Karl is a “States’ Rights”-fetishist.  He pretends to be some sort of well-read intellectual, but — tellingly — is borderline-illiterate.  he has never actually read the Federalist Paper (because he claims to not “have time” to do so.) 

This indicates one of the following possibilities:

  1. Inadequate reading-speed (IE: he is only semi-literate)
  2. Poor ability to prioritize (IE: it would take time away from listening to “creepypastas”)
  3. Simple apathy which he is too dishonest to openly admit — even to himself.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t regard the Federalist Papers with the sort of pseudo-religious fervor exhibited by many others.  I am incapable of treating that particular complilation of documents as some sort of “divinely-inspired” canon or political “gospel”.

Nor do I regard the “Founding Fathers” themselves with any special reverence.  As I’ve mentioend elsewhere on the blog, Thomas Jefferson’s glaring double-standard with regard to the institution of “race”-based chattel slavery strikes me as execrable.

So, no:  I don’t find the “Founding Fathers” to be any kind of “secular” prophets.  Nor am I unwilling to — retrospectively — call them out on what turned out to be extremely bad decisions.

Karl is different, however:

For one thing, he tends to regard the “Founding Fathers” with a sort of superstitious reverence — without knowing much of anything about them.  he seems to regard them as having been some sort of monolithic, organized “collective” who were essentially unanimous in their views (which is false).

Moreover, he is utterly ignorant in regard to most of the history of the United States, itself.

For example, although he tends to (selectively) venerate the “Bill of Rights” (especially the 2nd Amendment thereof) — he was utterly ignorant of both the “incorporation doctrine” itself, or the fact that the “Several States” were not even in principle held to be restrained by the Bill of Rights until 1925:


At any rate, as is typical of your average “States’ Rights”-fethshist, he tends to prattle on about how the solution to any odious “law” perpetrated by one of the “Several States” is extremely simple: one should merely relocate to a more permissive “State”.

Presumably, this would be his go-to “solution” for a resurgence of “Jim Crow” segregation, for example.

(Then again, as a “cisgender”, White male he presumably has nothing to fear).

Except of course, for the fact that he is constantly whining about a myriad of onerous “laws” perpetrated on him by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:  namely, stuff related to his “2nd Amendment rights” as a firearms-owner, and stuff related to inspection/registration of his rickety shit-box of a jeep.

  1. In the first instance (“Gun control” measures); The 2nd Amendment has NEVER been explicitly stated to be subject to the “incorporation doctrine”.  Thus, “Gun Control” measures — no matter how onerous, wrong-minded, and oppressive they may ACTUALLY be, are nevertheless — in principle — permissible expressions of exactly the sort of “States’ Rights” dogma about which he also tends to prattle.
  2. In the second instance, the “Bill of Rights” mentions NOTHING that could even hypothetically apply to his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep.

Now, since Karl is also wont to do “research” by uncritically parroting conspiracy-theorists, he tends to go on incessantly about such pseudo-topics as fringe on flags, and a putative distinction between “driving” and “operating a motor vehicle”.

(The irony is: IF “driving” — the explicitly “licensed” activity — merely involves “commercial” purposes, then he is still utterly without grounds for his incessant whining, given that engaging in ANY sort of “exchange of goods and services” (for which money is exchanged) automatically qualifies as a “commercial” activity — no matter how minor.

Thus, if he stops at Wal-mart to buy his (shitty) ham salad bowls?  COMMERCE

Buying gas?  COMMERCE.

Using the drive-thru to buy the sort of food which helps him remain morbidly-obese? COMMERCE.

(Of course, Karl is even too stupid to comprehend the above facts).

At any rate; Karl’s go-to solution to “States’ Rights” stuff such as “Jim Crow” involves the claim that those adversely impacted by such laws should “just move away!” — as if doing so is a triviality on the order of clipping one’s toenails.

So, given that he finds PA to be onerous and “oppressive”: why doesn’t he “just move away!”

The answer, of course, is that he regards the hoarded E-waste as infinitely more important than his own (purportedly) “Creator-endowed”) Rights.

Either that, or he’s just an idiot.




One thought on “Karl is incapable of empathy:

  1. Yeah it’s funny that the 14th amendment and interstate commerce clauses protect the very freedoms the state would deny him, in fact most of our freedoms are directly because of federal “usurpation”, not to mention that patient bill of rights which saved his uninsured ass and the socialist redistribution of wealth that paid for those doctors.

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