prediction: Karl’s next failure:

So, Karl has been going on about the fact that he is designing some sort of fire-alert thingy which will (supposedly) eventually be marketed to firehouses.

predictably, he believes that doing so will be his “big break”, and his start as an ‘entrepreneur”.

I suspect that he is going to be sorely disappointed.

1. His first error was right at the beginning, when he told his employer about his idea, and (as he termed it) “maneuvered” the guy into allowing him to design and build the prototype unit during work hours.

In other words: I’m pretty sure that Karl will be “cheated out of” this one, the same way as happened at other employers — the digital gaming-machine design, the flow-control regulator for the industrial silo, or whatever the hell it was, etc.

Karl — due to his near-total ignorance of an (admittedly corrupt and indefensible) legal “gimmick’ — will most likely end up getting fucked-over on one of “his” own designs — and then fired at-whim, after he has been “milked dry”.

Typically, when this has happened before, he spends anywhere from 3 months to over a year whining about it, and/or holed up like a recluse, somewhere.  The only good thing about the current iteration is the fact that his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep is probably incapable of functioning long enough to get him to the repeater site, let alone the geocaching frenzy which has also sometimes resulted from such setbacks.

Result?  He will have no recourse but to sit pouting in his trailer — until he is eventually thrown out for nonpayment of rent, at which point he will be HOMELESS, and incapable of making payments on either the storage-units, or his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep.

Just sayin’.



One thought on “prediction: Karl’s next failure:

  1. It’s not a legal gimmick, it’s Karl exercising his right as a Sovereign Citizen to engage in free market contracts without interference from Nazi jackbooted Masonic communist thugs in Harrisburg who only want to make him into a slave.

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