Debian 8 is solid

So, a few days ago I decided to do a reinstall (rather than attempt to repair something stupid that I did to my previous Debian installation.  Not worth getting into here — suffice to say that it involved  a poorly-formed shell command as root, which ended up deleting large chunks of the system).

Oops. 🙂

Anyway: during the re-installation, I decided to (gasp!) actually think things through.

This time, I decided to try something a bit more “ambitious”: since my system has 2 hard drives (the 80 GB and the 500 GB) — I decided to do what I probably should have done from the beginning, and put all of the “system” files on the 80 GB drive — and all the “home” directories and such on the 500 GB drive.

Now (at least theoretically) if I do something stupid and end up damaging my Debian installation in some way (or even just want to explore other distros, for whatever reason) — I’ll be able to solve the problem much more easily.

In among my explorations< I figured I would use the Synaptic package manager and install a few other GUI environments (other than Gnome3, which appears to be the ‘default” for some reason on Debian 8).

So I installed KDE, Cinnamon, LXDE, and MATE (which is essentially a project-fork of Gnome, derived from the Gnome2 code-base.)

I love it. 

I’ll probably end up removing the stuff I don’t use eventually — or maybe not.  I genuinely like the idea of being able to “shuffle” aspects of my system.

Plus. I am (gradually and clumsily) working my say through several texts on shell scripting (via the Bash shell.)

Theoretically, my progression will be as follows:

  1. BASH shell
  2. C
  3. C++/Python
  4. QT?

Maybe I’ll do something different at some point, I have no idea.

Anyway….the 2 hard-drives thing was a good decision, because it is really going to “insulate” user-files, etc. from any serious mistakes I made with the “system” portions of the operating system, itself.

At least, that’s the theory. 🙂



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