I dislike the term “GNU/Linux”



That’s right, people : “Back in the day”, there was a distro which used the term “Linux/GNU/X”.

Why is that valuable to know?

Because THEY were more honest than Stallman has ever been about what goes into your typical distro:

They were courteous enough to “name-drop” everybody — the GNU project, Linux kernel team, the folks behind the “X-window” system.

Now, think about that: Stallman has insisted on getting his panties in a bunch over the fact that so few people bother to use the abysmally stupid phrase “GNU/Linux” — but if he were REALLY honest, he would have to admit that the biggest single install-base for what he still insists on calling the “GNU Operating system” are LINUX distributions.

Now, things would be a little different if Stallman had actually gotten the “Hurd” released — and usable — in a timely fashion.  But, they failed to do so.

So, no.  If I ever meet Stallman, I will take special pleasure in attempting to “trigger” him into an autistic meltdown by way of repeatedly using — and emphasising — the terms “Linux” and “Open Source”.

With any luck, doing so would result in something like THIS:



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