Karl is an inconsiderate asshole:

for all of his incessant whining, Karl’s parents were amazingly tolerant of his constant ass-hattery.

A perfect example of this was fact that they permitted him to keep a teletype machine on their property for at least twenty years.


As far as I can remember, it strongly resembled the following unit:

This was (as usual) something he had scrounged from somewhere-or-other.  I’m hot entirely sure what he “planned” to do with it.  Inasmuch as he has ever “planned” anything, he probably hand-waved away any such questions by reference to his “computer museum”  (the go-to excuse for his compulsive hoarding bullshit).

At any rate, as far as I ever knew, the thing sat outdoors at his parents’ place for decades.  If I remember correctly, it wasn’t exactly (fully) exposed to the weather, in that it was under the sort of “overhang” where a sane person would put a barbecue grill.

That being said,  Karl (being the complete imbecile he is), never bothered to think about the fact that 20+ years of snow/rain/temperature changes etc. would probably have a deleterious  effect on the condition of the thing.  (Much the same way as leaving his Ford Explorer permanently stalled out in his parents’ yard was undoubtedly less than “ideal”.)

I’m not sure if the teletype machine actually worked (when he initially acquired it), but I’m pretty sure that it was in significantly worse condition if he ever managed to move it somewhere else.

Karl (of course) was — and most likely remains – too stupid to comprehend the fact that the thing was basically a big-ass “stone” around his neck (like the rest of the garbage he has been hoarding for decades).

Predictably, any attempt to reason with him was always taken as ‘attacking” him, in an attempt to “ruin his dreams”, or some other bullshit.

Picture the above teletype machine sitting outside the side-door to the garage, in a thicket of weeds, for 20 years.

THAT is how much (or more accurately, how LITTLE) Karl (KA3RCS) actually values “classic technology”.




2 thoughts on “Karl is an inconsiderate asshole:

  1. I’d asked him many times if he hates cold weather, and hates how Pennsylvania’s seemingly constantly overcast climate was bad for anything metal, why he didn’t pick up and move to Florida, the only state in the CONUS that’s warm year round, and where old cars have little to no rust (my ’89 T-Bird I bought in Lake Wales being a perfect example).

    Thankfully he poo-poo’ed that idea with his usual dismissive “fuck that” and some other rant about liberals and isn’t here to pester us, because I’m sure he would’ve tugged a few heartstrings to get me to let him fill my house with junk and body odor.

    • I actually offered to allow him to crash here (so he could look for tech-related jobs). My sole proviso was:

      1. One of his (several) HF transceivers
      2. Help me implement a workable antenna system.
      3. Chip in for food.

      I’m glad he never took me up on it 🙂 I mean, yeah, the HF transceiver would have been pretty cool, but…he would undoubtedly have turned our place into the same sort of hoarding nightmare he creates, everywhere else.

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