This is just genuinely sad:

The Ayn Rand Institute reports that Bosch Fawstin and Amy Peikoff are co-authoring a graphic novel based on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. The work will be published by New American Library, and is expected to be released in three parts within the next couple of years. This is an extremely ambitious project, but I think Bosch and Amy are up to the task.

Now, this is just an excruciatingly bad idea.

  1. Amy Peikoff is Leonard Peikoff’s  “Third Ex-wife”.
  2. The Atlas Shrugged film trilogy was abysmally bad
  3. This is going to be released in three parts, too.

I honestly don’t know what the folks at ARI are trying to do, here.

The Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy was so abysmally bad that, most likely, nobody will ever attempt to make another version of Atlas Shrugged, ever again.  (At least, we can all hope so.)

My main problem with this is: How in the hell do they expect to have the “Galt Speech” in a “Graphic novel”?

I mean, seriously: the entire rest of the “novel” is merely window-dressing for the Galt Speech.  If you excise that speech, you are left with Galt as the shittiest “supervillian” imaginable..

Plus: aren’t “graphic novels” supposed to contain stuff like action scenes?    Sure, Atlas Shrugged has train crashes and oil-rig explosions and BDSM scenes in abandoned factories and shit, but…that really doesn’t seem like something that would make any kind of “graphic novel”.

ARI is becoming more desperate and openly pathetic with every passing day.  I guess driving away everybody who refused to kiss Leonard Piekoff’s ass  hasn’t exactly left them with the “pick of the litter”, so to speak.  (“Yawwon Bwook”, notwithstanding, that is!) 🙂




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