Some thoughts on my (continuing) exploration of debian 8:

There are a vast amount of resources available on just about any topic imaginable.

For example, one of the best presentations on how to use the BASH shell and its attendant commands, is  a text titled “The Linux command line”.  It is available in both print and PDF versions (under lenient “license” terms, in case anybody actually gives a shit about that sort of thing 🙂 ).

Anyway, for convenience, I grabbed the PDF version, and have taken to leaving it open at all times in “document viewer”,  on a dedicated workspace.  (I changed MATE’s default number of workspaces to 8).

My typical methodology  with this is to have the document open in document viewer, and also have a terminal window open, with the settings “tweaked” in a very specific way:

  1. 12 lines x 100 characters
  2. Green on black
  3. NOT using the same color-scheme I have MATE currently set to use.
  4. “Always on top” enabled.

The cool part about this is: it makes it easy to read the document (via the lower 1/2 of my screen) while using the commands, etc. in the terminal window, in the upper 1/2 of my screen.

Not saying this will always be my preferred configuration, but….it works well for what  I’m doing now.




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