Some thoughts on my history with regard to computers:

The first computer I ever owned was a Laser 128, I probably acquired around 1988(?)

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother stole it from me while I was up at college in Williamsport PA (like he stole many other things which I had been stupid enough to leave behind at my Mom’s place.)

I really wish he wouldn’t have stolen it from me.  Then again, I also wish that my “mother” hadn’t allowed him to become a degenerate, drug-addled psychopath who would eventually end up physically attacking me in my own “mother’s” driveway.

I “wish” a lot of things. 😦

The next computer I owned was a TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) I bought from Karl, for the dual purpose of

  1. Logging on to local BBS (Bulletin-Board) systems
  2. Using with a TNC (Terminal node controller) to do 2-meter “packet radio”:

Again, when my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother moved back in, he “accidentally” destroyed a significant amount of my stuff — including the CoCo, TNC, and my Uniden HR-2510, 10-meter  transceiver:

I eventually got a 486 machine off of a friend of mine (around 1993, or so, I think).  Eventually traded that machine back to him, for a 133 Mhz. Pentium machine.

My longest-running machine was a Dell Optiplex gx260:

I had that machine from at least 2004-2014 (when it finally experienced the “Thermal event” which caused it to never be able to boot up again.)

I’m pretty sure my current machine is a Dell Inspiron of some sort.  My wife got it from her sister, as my Christmas present in 2015.  I really should add more memory to the thing (I think it maxes out at 4 gig,)

From what I can figure out, I could get the stuff I need for that for about 35-40 bucks.  The thing is,  I’ve got to do more research as to whether or not the 64-bit version of Debian will run on this hardware.  (I installed the 32-bit version, which works flawlessly).

Thing is – unless I’m totally mistaken — I think my machine has PAE capability, which should theoretically allow me to add memory, and max it out to the maximum 4 GB for which the physical hardware is designed.

(Since Debian — hell, ANY Linux distro) is extremely efficient as compared to Micro$oft crap, I should be able to get really good performance out of this machine, for at least a few years.  ( am really not keen to jump on the tablet/smartphone bandwagon unless I go Android.)





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