Calling “Tech-support” makes me want to murder somebody:

So, my wife’s sister’s Internet connectivity is down for whatever reason.

She has to get shit done which requires connectivity, so she asked if she could temporarily connect to our home network.

No problem.

Or so I thought.

First (totally unnecessary) hurdle: my wife’s mistaken belief that she had the network configuration info written down “somewhere”.    Not being a particularly tech-savvy person, she had mistaken the user-name and password for our cable/Internet company’s (previous) website for the required information.

Now, our cable company isn’t the most communicative bunch.  Their “installer” drones are just slightly more competent than Karl.  basically, most of them know little beyond the “plug it in, if it doesn’t work, unplug it, and plug it in again”  stuff.

Around a year ago, we “upgraded” to a different modem/router thingy.  As per usual, the installer asshole was surly and uncommunicative during the initial setup, and — more importantly – didn’t configure the modem/usb-dongle combo to use the same network SSID/password combo.  Instead, it used some cryptic, auto-generated alphanumeric sequences which the worthless fuck hadn’t even bothered to write down.

(This would have made it unnecessarily difficult for us to ever be able to log onto our own home network, with another device.

Anyway, I was reluctant to call what passes for “tech-support” (because they are all – without exception – near-illiterates who merely step through the same sort of “troubleshooting” documentation anybody with half a brain can manage to find online relatively easily.

So, the first step was determining which of the (several) visible wireless networks was ours.

My solution?  Power down the cable modem, and see which of the (cryptically-named) networks disappeared.

So far, so good.  Halfway there, with (comparatively) little effort.

I (mistakenly) figured I would be able to view the network password via the “networking” shit on my wife’s windows 10 machine.

However, since Windows 10 attempts to be as “user-proof” as possible, I figured out how to view damn near everything else related to my wife’s computer’s networking configuration and the USB donbgle thingy — except the password.

So, I break down and call “tech-support”.

I get some heavily-accented woman with way too much background noise, so I can barely hear what she’s going on about.

She proceeds to step through the standard series of (rote-memorized) questions — account related crap, security question, etc. — and then  fail to comprehend that yes, we do indeed know what our home-network is currently called.  All we needed was the password.

I had to repeat the question four times, before the finally bothered to answer it.

That is inexcusable.

If I call for the answer to a specific question, you should

  1. Begin by assuming that I am in fact asking the right question
  2. Answer the specific question I asked — FIRST, before assuming that I’m “really” looking for  some other tidbit.




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