Somebody else “gets it”:

  • Lesson 1: The Objectivist movement is a thoroughly neurotic affair, regardless of what camp of it one has in mind.
  • Lesson 2: In general, movements tend to be thoroughly neurotic affairs, regardless of the original intentions of their founders.
  • Lesson 3: When the founders of a movement are themselves deeply neurotic–and here I mean Rand, Nathaniel Branden, and the entire “Inner Circle” that surrounded them, especially in the 1960s–expect the latent neuroses of the movement to ramify and intensify in directions set by the founders, and then to be transmitted, like disease vectors, across the decades.
  • Lesson 4: Whatever one thinks of Objectivism as philosophy, it’s time to end the Objectivist movement. It serves no beneficial purpose that isn’t offset by the harms it does and the corruption it involves. And that applies to the whole movement, in both its ARI and TAS incarnations.

The case against the Objectivist Movement, redux: David Harriman on the shoals of integrity

The problem is: I have no idea how one would go about “ending” the Objectivist movement — except  if individuals stopped actively participating in ARI/Atlas Society events.

That’s probably already started to happen, actually.  The genuinely rational/principled folks will probably  get pissed off enough to “excommunicate” THEMSELVES.

So much for Rand’s “New Intellectuals.”



One thought on “Somebody else “gets it”:

  1. Maybe drumpf read her rantings and that explains his “mentality”. (Opinion redacted for fear of being sued for my pile of nothing.)

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