I realize that characterizing Christianity as an “absurd spectacle” is probably offensive to some people: that’s the point

Quite frankly, even if “Christianity” were “true”, “Christianity” would still be an absurd, indefensible shambles:

The first (and most basic) problem is: There are 3 major “meta-denominations” of “Christianity”.  Roman Catholicism, the various “orthodox” churches, and Protestantism.

NONE of those 3 variants actually regard one another as being “True” Christians.


Now, the important thing to understand about the history of “Christianity” is that much of it has been driven by mere geography or “worldly” historical events.

In particular, even a cursory glance at the regions afflicted by the “East-West Schism” should be enough to demonstrate  that they closely parallel the boundaries of the two halves of the latter  Roman Empire:


Now, here’s the thing:

There is literally NO WAY to determine which of the 3 variants of “Christianity” (if any) even resembles the “True” Christianity they’re always blathering about.

Now, here’s the thing:

“Christianity” (in every variant) makes a big deal about “belief”, so you would think that any so-called “believer” would have a vested interest in actually knowing something about what they claim to “believe”.

But, that’s not how this bullshit works.

Historically, the illiterate peasants merely claimed to “believe” whatever had been shoved down their throats during childhood.  Since most of them “lived and died” within 5 miles of where they had been born, they were probably (near)-totally ignorant of the fact that a gaggle of other such illiterate peasants claimed to “believe” a (slightly different) sort of mumbo-jumbo a few thousand miles away.

The situation is somewhat different, nowadays.

NOW the 3 “meta-denominations” have to increasingly resort to something called “apologetics” — a (futile) attempt o make their theological snake-oil palatable to populations which have become at least semi-literate, and (somewhat) capable of critical thought.  (Despite – often strenuous  and violent — efforts by religious “authorities” to control both tendencies):




Now, here’s the particularly execrable “open secret” that NOBODY much wants to discuss:



This is particularly, blatantly, brazenly obvious when you consider so-called “ethno-religious” communities:










To paraphrase an old “Southern Gospel” song:

You ape/parrot whatever “religion” happens to have been prevalent where you happened to be born, and I’ll parrot whatever “religion” was  foisted on me during childhood
But we’ll avoid one another as much as humanly possible
Our fathers never met one another (and would probably have killed one another on sight if they had, for “heresy”, or some such thing)
So we can’t walk along together

I might be able to take “Christianity” (somewhat) more seriously if Protestants/Catholics/Greek Orthodox etc.  at least pretended to respect one another’s “common humanity” — or even attended one another’s “worship”-services.
Oh well, at least “secularism” (mostly) keeps them from torturing and slaughtering one another en masse, like they did throughout the majority of “Christian” history.





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