The single stupidest statement I ever heard:

In response to a (seemingly) innocuous inquiry by my wife:

“That’s a CATHOLIC thing, not a BIBLE thing!”

More than anything else — before or since — that was enough to convince me immovably, that the vast majority of “Protestants” are irremediably fucking stupid:

The whole “Apocrypha thing has always pissed me off, and gone a long way toward discrediting the whole sad, geographically-determined little puppet-show known as “Christianity”:


Because the vast majority of “Protestants” are too semi-literate and reflexively ignorant to know the history of their OWN  shitty “Faith”:

Though not part of most Protestant canons, the Catholic apocrypha was included in the original editions of the King James Bible as supplemental material, not considered canon by the Church of England; in addition, the New Revised Standard Version is available in editions that include both Catholic and Orthodox (but not African) apocrypha, being one of the few Bible translations to do so. Bible editions with the Orthodox and east African canons are sometimes difficult to find in English, though Bibles with the Catholic canon are readily available.

There is exactly one good thing about the spread of Protestant “Fundamentalism”: “Fundies” save “unbelievers” the effort of  actually having to invent a “straw-man”.  “Fundamentalism” is effectively an instance of DEADLY SERIOUS SELF-PARODY:’s_Law

The real tragedy of the attempt to differentiate between a “Catholic thing” and a “Bible thing” was: the guy making that claim had been ordained as a Baptist minister  (Admittedly, by Jerry Fallwell’s college, but still….)



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