WHY should anybody give a shit about this stuff, exactly?

I realize I keep hammering on this “snare for the proud” bullshit, but the irony is,  a variant of this dumb-ass cop-out was pioneered by one of the “Early Church fathers”:

In Christianity, Justin Martyr asserts the claim that mythological figures[6] that share similar features with Jesus are planted by the Devil to test people’s faith/trick people into false faiths.


I honestly cannot wrap my mind around the level of idiocy required for that line of “reasoning” to seem persuasive.



2 thoughts on “WHY should anybody give a shit about this stuff, exactly?

  1. what evidence do these people have that jeebus… excuse me, i meant jesus, was even a real person?

    and even if he was, jesus is not evidence of a god.

    • Personally, I’m not that interested in the “historical jesus” thing”. How I figure it is:

      There was (most likely) a “historical” Abraham Lincoln. However, that does NOT mean that the individual in question was a “vampire hunter” (as portrayed in a recent film).

      In the same way, “Nicholas of Myra” might have been a lot of things — but the “historical Santa Claus”, he wasn’t.


      Nor does the (probable) existence of such a person justify “believing” that he married a woman named “Miss Jessica”, fought against the “Evil Burgher-meister”, or fed his reindeer on “magic feed corn” to make them fly:


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