Just one example of what Karl *could* be doing, if he was knowledgeable/dedicated in any way:

Now, notice a few things:

  1. The guy in the video obviously doesn’t have a vast amount of space.
  2. The guy obviously planned out what he was going to say during the video (thus cutting down on the amount of time it would take to create such a video).
  3. The guy actually knows something about the subject.

To my way of thinking, this single, relatively modest Youtube video is infinitely more valuable than Karl’s myriad storage units full of (unsorted) scrap.

This guy is, effectively, doing what Karl has been CLAIMING to want to do, for as long as I’ve known him.

Yes, it is relatively modest (as compared to Karl’s pipe-dream) — but it is actually something.

Yet more evidence that Karl can’t even be successful at hoarding.

I’ll admit that creating a video such as this would probably require Karl to refrain from binge-listening to “creepypastas”/loitering in various parking-lots/masturbating to David Icke videos — for at most, a few hours.

The fact that it would require him to actually expend effort means that it will never happen.




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