What would happen if Karl got rid of the E-hoard?

The most probable answer is: a genuine “collector” would actually do something good with the stuff.  There is a big difference between (say) an Amiga 500 buried at the back of one of several storage-units to which the hoarder cannot actually drive to GET the thing, even if he wanted to, and an A-500 being actively used/cherished/demonstrated to others.

This is what Karl will never understand.

It is the difference between an actual computer-museum (where the various objects are actively documented/curated/organized etc.), and an equivalent aggregate of stuff haphazardly crammed floor to ceiling, and “stored” for decades on end.

Karl’s “computer museum” will never happen, because the “collection” is inaccessible, and because paying to “store” the collection for decades on end ensures that he will never be able to have enough funds/time to organize, catalog, package and transport the “collection” to somewhere else — even if he really wanted to.

I totally get it: the hoarded scrap is basically Karl’s “comfort object”:


And he is damn sure gonna cling to it, even as it destroys everything else in his life.



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