Yet another person managing to be a MORE SUCCESSFUL version of Karl:

If Karl had any sort of skill or dedication, he could produce something at least broadly equivalent to this level of production — EASILY, either with amazingly inexpensive off-the-shelf “modern” gear (they ‘still” make dedicated video cameras), or with some of the stuff he has crammed into the storage units/trailer-hoard.

I’m sure there’s at least one video camera in among all of the rest of the (unsorted) scrap.

Hell, if he wanted to be “clever” about it, he could demonstrate the video-titling/editing capabilities of his Amiga machines, by using them for the editing/video titles, etc.

That would be genuinely educational *AND* a demonstration that he wasn’t an utterly incompetent, pretentious ass-wipe.

In other words: evidence that he is someone other than himself.




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