Yet more evidence that the Leftist commitment to “cultural diversity” is a sham:

Don’t bother to read the “article” — whatever information you need is contained in the link-title itself.

The only really salient  bit is this:

When images of the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China hit the internet in 2013, there was no closing the Pandora’s box. Shock, anger and outrage at the brutality inflicted on what most Westerners view as humans’ best friends spurred millions around the world to sign petitions, write letters and share widely on social media in desperate attempts to do something about the horror.

See, the problem with the above is: in any other context, drawing this sort of line would result in Leftists pants-shitting en masse, over ‘cultural insensitivity”.

See, Multiculturalism positively wallows in the (blatantly obvious fact) that various human collectives tend to engage in all manner of  antics — many of which eventually manage to become “traditional” merely because one generation manages to condition another a younger generation to mindlessly ape/parrot them.

Thus, if your “elders” (for example) think that using rusty blades to cut off the clits of young girls is super-peachy-keen, then any opposition to such clit-cuting is indicative of “cultural insensitivity”, and we are apt to hear at least some stupid fudge-pipe attempt to defend it — especially if those doing the clit-cutting also happen to be “People of color” (IE: NON-WHITES).

This is the problem: Hipster SJW shit-flakes simply cannot have their cake and eat it too, (even if that cake happens to be gluten-free!):

The fact is, a vast amount of “traditional” practices from Non-“Western” cultures are amazingly incompatible with Leftist/Hipster “orthodoxy”:  especially where issues of “gender” are concerned:

I could go on, but….fuck it, there’s really no point.

The bottom line is: When confronted with actual “cultural diversity’ (such as the above)  Leftist/HIpster Shit-flakes are in an insuperable bind: either they cling to their “Progressive” principles and oppose things like the above (in  which case they become guilty of “cultural  imperialism”, and/or “intolerance”), or they support any “cultural tradition” — no matter how abhorrent it may be — but ONLY when such “traditional” atrocities are  perpetrated “in-group”.

(In other words: a “White” couple deciding to have their daughter’s clit cut off would be condemned as “cultural appropriation” — NOT because the “tolerant”, “Diverse” Left can find anything particularly wrong about clit-cutting, itself.)

Either you recognize Universal human rights  (and ruthlessly evaluate each and every “cultural tradition” by reference to such rights) – or you don’t.

“Multiculturalism” is about not doing so.

(Fun-fact: “Jim Crow”  segregation in the Southern U.S. lasted long enough to count as a “cultural tradition”.  Just sayin’.)



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