Even the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR admits what should be blatantly obvious:



As I’ve said before: the fact that “religion” and “geography” have anything at ALL to do with one another should be enough to flatly discredit the professed “beliefs” of the 90+% of the population who insist on aping/parroting whatever superstitious nonsense was perpetrated on them by their parents.

Why?   If any of them genuinely ‘believed” any of it, then they could do in isolation — or even against the prevailing “groupthink” of any given area.

The truly bone-evil thing about this is: even those who claim to be ‘believers” tacitly acknowledge it:




Fuck it.  I could go on.  I could point out the mere coincidence that there just happen to be a significant number of “devout” Hindus on the Indian subcontinent — and significantly fewer Hindus in Mississippi.

I could point to the existence of the “Muslim World”.

I could point to distinctively “Chinese” religions (Religious Taoism, Falun Gong, etc.) — but doing so will most likely result in the so-called “believers” evading the uncomfortable fact that those oh-so-precious “beliefs” and “practices” have vanishingly little to do with a rational appraisan of the truth-claims of their specific ‘faith”, and INFINITELY MORE to do with THE ACCIDENT OF GEOGRAPHY.

Billy-Bob is a Baptist because Billy-Bob was born in the “Bible-Belt“.

Of course, once you admit that the whole fucking thing is essentially GEOGRAPHY GONE MAD, then you must ALSO admit that all the torture and slaughter inflicted on “unbelievers”, “heretics” etc. was over a mere accident of geography.

I find that fucking horrifying, myself.





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