Extrapolate THIS, to pretty much everything else from “religion” or “mythology”:

The most common non-solution thrown out by creationists at this point is “Goddidit” — God provided the wood, held its planks together, etc. This opens the door for a number of gaping plot holes:

  • If God magicked high-quality trees for Noah to chop down, why didn’t he simply magic the entire boat into existence? Noah was a several-hundred-year-old senior citizen — and no carpenter. Why make him suffer?
  • On top of that, why not will something a bit more technologically impressive? Surely an all-powerful, all-knowing deity could come up with something better than a cramped, rickety wooden boat that’s rotten before it hits the water? Wouldn’t materializing a high-tech super submarine or goddamn spaceship be a far more efficient means to convince future generations? And for that matter, why is saving the animals even necessary? If you have the power to magic anything into existence, why not just magic the animals back into existence after you are done flooding the Earth. After all, you did it once before, so why not just do it again?





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