Li’l Frankie: Just another “hipster” dickhead:

Frankie’s dad helped create the “Religious Rights”, and unleash the current tidal wave of Fundie idiocy on us all.  Li’l Frankie doesn’t like the fact that the aforementioned tidal-wave of stupid is threatening to wash away 2000 years of “Christianity”.

His “solution” to this?

Idiotic “hipster” catch-phrases, coupled with a return to empty formalism:

Here’s what’s actually needed:

  • Mystery and open-mindedness when it comes to theological content: uncertainty is good
  • Rediscovery of Eucharistic sacramental tradition when it comes to forms of worship
  • Seeking out the old, the mystical and the monastic as a path to inner stillness
  • Abandoning trying to be “modern” in favor of tapping back into the root and branch of worship
  • Upholding the expanded ever-growing New Testament principle of freedom and a non-retributive gospel of inclusion by welcoming gays, women and minorities to leadership positions
  • Rediscovering and holding firmly to forms of traditional worship that gave Christian bodies our “team uniform” around which to coalesce and build the identity of lasting safe community.

In other words, Li’l Frankie wants to do what the Unitarian Universalists and Episcopalians are already doing.

Yeah….good luck with that, Frankie.



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