Stupid Trump-supporter *and* a hypocrite (go figure):

For her part, Helen says she has gone through the legal immigration process, though in a different way.

She said she flew from her home in Greece to Chicago legally when she was 10, coming with an aunt to visit Helen’s sister. She decided to stay after her visa expired, not fully understanding immigration laws, and went to school in Chicago.

Twelve years later, she flew back to Greece because her dad was fighting cancer. And four months after that, she realized that she couldn’t return to the U.S. because she’d become an illegal immigrant.


So, she said, she flew to Canada and crossed the U.S. border with the driver’s license that she’d obtained when she was 16. She said she also had a Social Security card that was marked “not valid for employment.” It was 1991.

Then in 1993, she made an appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Greece, where she came back to Athens, went through some paperwork and gained a legal visa to enter the U.S. In 2002, she said, she gained citizenship.

The only ting which would make this more deliciously wonderful, is if she is also a gun-owner, who decides to deep-throat her own weapon, from sheer despair at her (self-inflicted) predicament.

Predictrably, the stupid cunt believes that she and her (border-jumper) husband are different from “Those people”:

Now she is dealing with calls from around the country, apparently from both Trump supporters and opponents, who say things like, “Well, that’s what you get for voting for Trump.”

She wants all the people who are quick to respond hatefully to consider all of the details.

“There’s a lot of racism out there, and it needs to stop,” she said, adding that skin color “doesn’t make you a killer or a bad person.”

“People need a chance to show who they are,” she said.

Actually, the “details” are pretty clear: former illegal alien is married to a current illegal alien, who is now going to be deported, as per the campaign promises of the guy she voted for.

Again, I love it.  I really, really, really love it.



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