“moral panics” are subhuman:


Some woman and her husband were basically ‘railroaded” back during the “Satanic ritual abuse” bullshit back in the 1980s.  She was (finally) released some years ago — having been imprisoned for nonexistent “crimes” — because self-proclaimed “vigilant parents” were gullible as fuck, engaged  in a “witch-hunt”, and ended up victimizing these people, as a result.

I offer this up as a “cautionary tale” to anyone (including Karl) who may be stupid enough to actually believe that the “Monarch Project” actually exists.

“Fritz Springmeier” and “Cathy O’Brien” are both — most likely – undiagnosed schizoprenics who have (somehow) managed to remain semi-“functional”, because their particular “subculture” is unusually compatible with their specific brand of delusional idiocy.

Karl (of course) is a die-hard believer in such things.



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