I can somewhat understand “apologetics” originating from those who actually “believe” that they “believe” a particular religion.   Straight-out admitting that what your ‘religious beliefs” (and the “practices” which go with them) are mere accidents of geography/demography is distinctly unpalatable for some — most — people.

  1. For one thing, it necessarily implies at least the strong likelihood that you would be aping/parroting different stuff, if you had been born into a different demographic/geographic “region”.

Take my new favorite tongue-twister: Billy-bob is a Baptist, Because Billy-Bob was born in the ‘Bible’-belt.

Now, this (seemingly trite) observation necessarily raises the following questions:

  1. WHY is the stuff you happen to be aping/parroting “better” than the stuff being aped/parroted by “Foreigners?”
  2. What does this imply for your OTHER “beliefs” or “customs?”

Think about it: Chances are, you claim to “believe” something which at least strongly resembles that which your parents claimed to “believe”.  This is especially glaring with regard to those Fundie Protestants who make a big deal over how they knew “nothing” about Jesus/Christianity/The Bible etc. before they got “Saved”.


If you dig even a little bit deeper, you will discover — especially if they’re “White” — that at some point they had some sort of Christianity — no matter how lukewarm and half-heared — perpetrated on them.

You will never find an example where someone was (for example) “raised” in a Hasidic Jewish community, ending up at “Billy-Bob’s” church.  What you might end up with (totally by coincidence – nothing to see here) is such a person ending up becoming involved with “Messianic Judaism”/”Jews for Jesus”.

There’s a reason for that: Messianic “Judaism” is “familiar”.

Nor will you ever see interaction between our (hypothetical) “Billy-Bob” and Shlomo, the (equally-hypothetical) Messianic Jew:  it just ain’t gonna happen.

DESPITE the fact that both “Billy-Bob” and “Shlomo” will CLAIM to “believe” substantially the same underlying theology.

Why is that, do you think?

Same reason why the Southern Baptists/”Church of God” etc. tend to be so overwhelmingly “WHITE”.

Now, the truly fucked-up part of this is: the only reason traditionally “Black” Denominations of “Christianity” exist at all, is because the U.S. was (and largely remains) a racist, and mostly segregated – hell-hole.

True, since the “Jim Crow” era the segregation is no longer enforced by law, but it remains.

Now, here’s the thing: the mere existence of the “Black Church” should be enough to conclusively demolish the vicious, self-delusion among so-called “Believers” that “Christianity” even tangentially resembles what is envisioned in this verse:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)

I’m well aware that somewhere or other, some weasel-in-sheep’s-clothing has already figured out some kind of shitty excuse/hand-wave to discount everything I’ve just written.

Of course.  That’s what they DO.  ADMITTING that your “beliefs” and “practices” are nothing more, less or other than aping and parroting  — because of an ACCIDENT OF GEOGRAPHY, no lesswould require you to actually invest effort into “thinking outside the box”.

It would also require any honest (White)  “believer” to take a damn good hard look at their fellow congregants, and ask him or herself “Why so many Whites?”

So, there’s the thing: “Billy-bob”‘s grandpappy could possibly get away with not going to the “black” church because there wasn’t one in “Cousin-fuck Junction”.  Billy-Bob no longer has that excuse – especially if he has a car.

There is literally NO non-racist reason for “Billy-Bob” NOT to make it a point to attend a majority Non-White church every so often.






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