GOOD! :)

Basically, the above article indicates that “Pennsylvania Dutch country” is none too gradually being demographically swamped by “Hispanic” folks.

This is a wonderful thing, and, quite frankly, richly deserved:

The entire “White” history and “culture” in that region is shit which deserves to be ground to dust, and chucked into the dustbin of history.  What exactly is so “quaint” about a gaggle of inbred religious cultists farming land which is only “theirs” due to the systematic expropriation/slaughter of the indigenous tribal populations which once lived there?

Oh, that’s right: NOTHING.

I can only assume that Lebanon County (where my idiot relatives reside) has followed this same general trend – in which case my idiot, heroin-addict half brother is undoubtedly weeping tears of rage at how that (formerly lily-white, and virulently-racist) region has been overrun by “spics”.

To which I can only reply:

¡Esta es una gran noticia! ¡Celebremos todos!

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