Pennsylvania: a den of racists, liars and frauds

The Lenni Lenape complained to the King of England about the execution of the “walk” by Penn and his agents to no avail. In response, the Lenni Lenape began their movement westward in compliance with their ancestors’ purported agreement to the terms of the Walking Purchase’s deed. Over a hundred years later, experts examining this deed concluded that the deed was a forgery. As a result of the Walking Purchase, members of the Lenni Lenape tribe, now recognized as The Delaware Nation, were segregated into pockets or parcels of land surrounded by non-tribal settlers. Such is what occurred with respect to a grant of land to Chief Tetamy and his band of Delawares.

The most wonderful thing about the (ongoing) “hispanicization’ of what used to be “Pennsylvania dutch country” is: a significant amount of the “hispanic” population have a fairly high amount of “Indian” ancestry (albeit from a different region.)

In a way, the indigenous tribal inhabitants of what is NOW the U.S. are finally getting their revenge.

Give it a few generations:  the Amish will have inbred themselves to extinction, and  you’ll probably end up with people named stuff like “Alfredo Stolzfus”, or  “Jebediah Stutzman-Gutierrez”, or suchlike.




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