If you hate “safe-space” culture, then you REALLY need to hate SEGREGATED spaces:

Homogeneity, insularity, etc. leads to degeneracy.  It leads those victimized by such homogenaity being simultaneously ignorant of  – and bigoted against – those viewed as “foreign”, or  (collectively) “other”.

This is why I’m glad to see the increasing proportion of “Non-Whites” in formerly lily-white regions (such as “Pennsylvania Dutch” country: such “desegregation” FORCES everyone to get out of their (demographic) “comfort-zone”.


“Self”-segregation is still segregation, and will still lead to the twin evils of ignorance and bigotry.

That’s why I’ve concluded that “homogeneous” areas must be utterly destroyed — NOT (necessarily) in the sense of being totally annihilated, but rather, in the sense that their homogeneity  must be obliterated.

Ideally, even “self”-segregation should be impossible, by any means other than barricading oneself in ones own dwelling.



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