Another reason why Karl likes David icke:

Karl is obsessed with David Icke, to the point of absurdity.

I never quite understood this until recently: Why would David Icke’s idiotic babbling appeal to someone like Karl, specifically?

Then, I realized something that made it blindingly obvious: It has to do with David icke’s “reptilian” bullshit.

See, David Icke has this inane “theory” about reptilians who feed on human emotions, or some shit.  One of his standard means of demoralizing the Reptilians is to babble about the “R-Complex” (a specific brain structure), and how it is involved with the desire for structure/order/organization.

Now, the first thing to realize about the above, is that it has been completely abandoned by the vast majority of those who actually do “neuroscience”.

So, David icke has managed to glom onto a theoretical model which has been basically abandoned (excepting, of course, by a few psychiatrists and a smattering of New-age douchebags (which is pretty much where David Icke cribbed it from, as well.)

At any rate, Karl has glommed onto the notion that any attempt at structure, order, dispassionate reasoning, etc. is symptomatic of the “Reptilian” pathology.  (This makes sense, because this allows him to cast his total and complete inability to organize, structure, plan or prioritize his time and effort in ANY way – other than sheer blind whim- as a sign of “virtue” on his part.

“Spontaneity”  – I have concluded after years of observation – tends to be the preferred euphemism by which the inept and slovenly hand-wave away the their ineptitude and slovenliness:  “It’s not MY fault that your so ‘rigid’!”

This fits right in with Karl’s tendency toward compulsive hoarding, tendency to bitch and whine when the shit he’s compulsively hoarded (and failed to store correctly) becomes damaged as a result, tendency to blame others (such as his parents) for having the temerity to actually complain about the fact that his collection of E-waste had rendered their basement and garage unusable for decades on end, etc. : They’re all “reptilian control-freaks” who lack “empathy” for our poor little Snowflake.

Yeah, David icke is an absolutely perfect “Guru” for Karl.


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