For want of a nail….

Here’s a potentially “dangerous” thought-experiment:

  1. Do you actually believe that the Noah’s Ark story happened?

There are exactly two – mutually exclusive, and mutually exhaustive – responses:

  1. YES – exactly as described, down to the merest detail
  2. NO.

That’s it.  the pathetic hand-waving about how you don’t “literally” believe it, but that it “might have some historical basis in fact”, is nothing but a particularly execrable cop-out.

If you GENUINELY believe that it has “some basis in fact”, you should probably be attempting to DISENTANGLE the underlying reality (if any) from decades/centuries/millenia of  cultural confabulation (“myth-making”).

But, we typically don’t get any of that.

Instead, we get bullshit like THIS:

The attempt to “Believe in” Noah’s ark inevitably ends up making the victim stupider, because only self-inflicted stupidity can actually pretend to “believe” that (for example) it never rained before the (nonexistent) global “Flood”, or – more fundamentally – that the basic nature of how light interacts with water-droplets was fundamentally altered, post-Deluge:

Now,  here’s where the “dangerous” bit comes in:

Transpose ANY other fable from that same book (or any other purportedly “Sacred” text) for what we just said about Noah’s ark.   Then ask yourself “What real-world knowledge do I have to AVOID/DENY/DENOUNCE in order to continue ‘believing” this story?

Just sayin’.

Now, you’ll notice that I “Karl-tagged” this post.

Here’s why:

I spent decades listening to Karl babble about innumerable conspiracy-theories which he claimed to have “researched” – without him *ever* being able to even point me in the general direction of the sources he used for such “research”.

Purportedly, he “didn’t have time”, or some such bullshit story.

(Guess what?  If it were really that important to “get the truth out” or “wake people up” or whatever you want to call it, you’d fucking make the time.

ESPECIALLY if you believe that the “New World Order” were going to use a space-probe to turn Jupiter into a second star:

Now, here’s the thing:

Karl prides himself on having “gotten past” the fact that he was subjected to some kind of explicitly “Christian” school for a few years.  Oddly enough, he tends to resort to exactly the sort of sheisty pseudo-arguments Fundies use to dodge inconvenient questions.

Some Fundies tend to hand-wave away inconvenient questions/facts by saying that such things are merely a “snare for the proud”.

Conspiracy Theorists have their own version of the above: “That’s just what ‘they’ WANT you to believe!”.

Just as Fundies are (ideally) isolated from ever even understanding the evidence against their worldview, conspiracy “theorists” tend to be utterly, doggedly, immovably set on the notion that anything which goes against their pet irrationalities is merely “disinfo” deliberately fabricated to prop up “the official story”.  Of course, it follows that they (the True-believing Elect) know the “Truth”, whereas everbody else is just Unbelievers….er, I mean “Sheeple”.

This ALSO explains why Conspiracy “theories” tend to bleed over into Fundie Christian idiocy, so easily: The “Conspiracy”/”Paranormal” scene basically amounts to a (very slightly re-worked) version of the basic Fundie Protestant worldview.

Just sayin’.




2 thoughts on “For want of a nail….

  1. karl did make a remark once about some horrible people who were “killing christians”, rather odd considering his supposed lack of belief. he’s probably one of those revenge agnostics who are trying to get back at their parents for all the horrible things they’ve done, but otherwise believe the bullshit, or at least are trained to fear alleged satanists. karl’s got his own version of satanic panic dating back to the days of cooper, that in and of itself ought to be worth a few posts haha.

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