I don’t even know what to title this post:

So, my wife and I had the opportunity to attend a “Passover Seder” put on by a local church.

Some acquaintances of ours  turned us onto this about a year ago.   The weird thing is: I genuinely love it.  It is literally one of my most favorite things.

Several reasons – most of which undoubtedly have little to do with whatever you might consider the “True” meaning of the events in question to be:

First, (as mentioned by another friend of ours who was raised Jewish, who later became a Baptist): the entire thing is brazenly, screechingly inauthentic.  Don’t get me wrong — it tries hard.  However, it would be impossible to take a ritual meal which is designed for a single family, and scale it up to 150+ people.

So, there are huge  errors just on that level.

However, the primary error/violation would have to be the way that Christianity has been “grafted” onto the passover seder itself (on the premise that the “Last Supper” involving Jesus/his disciples was actually a passover seder).

Now, here’s the thing about that:

  1. Even assuming that there was some sort of “historical Jesus”, he was obviously something of a “heretic” against Judaism as it then existed (at least judging by the shit-slinging against the “Pharisees” and “Sadducees” – especially among Fundie protestants.   Given the whole “the sabbath was meant for men, and not men for the sabbath”-thing, it is pretty obvious that “jesus” – if he actually existed – was something other than a strictly “devout” Jew.

2. Grafting the Christian “communion” ritual onto the Seder serves to distance it further from authenticity.

Having said that, I love it, in a way that I have never experienced with any other religious ritual.

Several reasons – most of them deeply personal.

For one, my ability to get even that close to a “foreign” culture strikes me as almost too unendurably beautiful to bear.  According to bigoted scum-fucks like my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, I “should” only engage in “Aryan” culture (whatever the fuck that means).

So, one of the reasons I genuinely love the “Passover seder” (even if it is merely a crude parody of the genuine article), is that it is a mean – no matter how subtle – of spitting in the faces of my idiot, racist “White Trash” relatives, and shitting all over their bigoted idiocy.

Literally everything about it is a way to (vicariously) throat-punch the Junkie Psychopath in particular — which is an opportunity I would never be able to pass up, under any circumstances.

In a way, I also view it as a sort of “penance” for having stood by silently, while the drug-addled sub-animal rambled on about “Kikes”.

I was too cowardly to call the evil fuck out, back then.  On some level, even being able to get this close to (a crude parody of) Judaism is a throat-punch to my upbringing, and a means for me to make amends for the fact that I permitted my idiot, bigoted White-trash relatives to get away with being bigoted white trash.

The other reason I love it is: it is an opportunity to see fundie nut-jobs (who spend the rest of the year spewing anti-semitic bigotry against the purported evils of “Judaizers, from their pulpits) attempting – inexpertly – to ape and parrot the rituals of a religion their “Supercessionist” delusions “teach’ them is a “Satanic counterfeit”.

I can’t help finding a sort of subtle meta-humor in that — somewhat equivalent to getting a Hasidic rabbi really drunk, and tricking him into eating a bacon cheeseburger. 🙂

I’m sure the other attendees wouldn’t regard the above reasons as being consonant with the “True meaning” of the event.  Then again, I am equally certain that actual, observant Jews would find the event to be a brazen slap in the face, and – in particular – the inclusion of Jesus-imagery as the most brazen insult possible.

Somehow, that fact makes me feel even better about the whole thing.

Yeah well, I’m an asshole. 🙂





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