No, I will NOT disable my ad-blocker:

The fact that you even asked is reason enough for me not to do so.

Quite frankly, if the only way you can figure out to finance your online “platform” involves prostituting yourselves to the worst and most useless “industry” in human history – an “industry” exclusively dedicated to conditioning me into mindlessly buying “products” I don’t actually want, from “brands” which charge me ridiculously inflated prices for the privilege of paying more for something that is (typically) indistinguishable from their “competitors” in ever way except the TRADEMARK?

Typically, for no better reason than the fact that the “brand” in question happens to be a fucking “Status symbol” or “Prestige marker” (to those ignorant and gullible enough to actually “get off” on such “status”-games?)

Fuck you.  seriously: just fuck you.

I decide what I buy.  I decide such things – not some fuckin’ Don Draper-wannabe propagandist shit-clown.

If I do actually decide that I genuinely want to buy something — I’ll happily click on over to, or go to a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet of my own choosing, and make my own determination, for myself.

I mean, seriously: literally the only “value” I get out of TV advertising is the opportunity to go take a piss without having to risk missing the thing I’m actually watching TV to see.

And yeah — I might go over to Youtube occasionally for the specific purpose of watching advertisements — but there’s a big difference.

Mainly, the fact that I have chosen to do so.

If I happen to be binge-watching a playlist composed exclusively of the Geico Gecko, guess what?  I don’t drive.  Hell, I don’t even have a car.  Moreover, I am *damn sure* not going to “reccomend” GEICO to my friends and family, solely on the basis of whether they have a “clever” ad campaign.

So, there’s the first problem right there: EVEN IF I *did* whitelist your advertisers — the ads themselves are (almost) guaranteed to fail.

I am genuinely sad  – and more than a bit ashamed – to have had to qualify the above sentence with the word “almost”.

There was regrettably a time when the “Madison Avenue” shitstains could trick me into mindless consumerism – merely on the basis of “status” symbols.

I’m pretty sure I’m over that, now.

Here’s a thought: offer me something of potential value.  Maybe set up a Cafepress store where i can choose to purchase something involving your logo because I have personally determined that I find something valuable about your product or service.

Barring that: fuck you.

I’ll read the “cached” version of whatever it happens to be off Google (if available).

Barring that – I’ll search out the same information from a source that doesn’t whine about my ad-blocker.

Hell, if you’re completely inept at web-design, all I have to do to shut you up is turn off “page styles” in Firefox.  It might make your site a little less “user-friendly”, but at least I’m not sucking some spin-doctor’s dick.

In any case, your whiny little “request” to be white-listed (for the sole purpose of enabling huckster scumbags to “spin”-doctor me into consumerism-as-a-conditioned-reflex actually makes me feel pretty damned good about the ad-blocker.

See, here’s the beautiful part about it:

If I leave the ad-blocker enabled, then that means that I am no longer sucking Edward Bernays dick from beyond the grave.

That ad-blocker gives me the ability to (however imperfectly) insulate myself from at least a vanishingly few instances of the dishonest, vicious little gimmicks pioneered by rat-fucks like Bernays and B.F. Skinner.

I am not going to willingly get back into their fucking skinner box, just because you can’t figure out any other way to pay your site-hosting costs.

So you can take your petulant little “request” (along with your entire site), and cram it.

Also: please be warned that I am well-acquainted  with the stupid little tricks you all play in the interest of (so-called0 “Search-engine optimizaiton”.

I know you’re (probably) gaming Google’s algorithms in some way (which is why I not only tend to alternate search engines, have other search engines open in other tabs, keep “digging” past the first few screenfuls of results, etc.

In order for your stupid little “SEO” tricks to work, I would have to have the attention-span of a hummingbird on meth.

Much to your chagrin and consternation (and despite decades of your best efforts to achieve exactly the above-mentioned result) I am still at least somewhat better than that.

But anyway: No, I’m not “white-listing” your site.

Get over it.  Find a different ‘business-model”, or suck it up.




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