Sad — I actually *like* Burger King:

Essentially, here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Burger King  (or some Don Draper wannabe contracted by them), (clandestinely) edits the Wikipedia entry related to their “Whopper” hamburger, turning it into blatant ad-copy.
  2.  The same “genius” outfit creates a 15-second TV ad designed to trick a “Google Home” device/Android phone in the proximity to a TV playing back the ad, into reading off the aforementioned, corrupted Wikipedia article.
  3. Predictably, this pisses off approximately 100% of those unlucky enough to have their Google/Android device in close proximity to their TV.  Since many of them are tech-savvy, “Early adopter”-types, the proceed to vandalize the shit out of the Wikipedia article – so that it no longer reads like “ad-copy” (and in so doing, render the entire “advertising” campaign utterly nonfunctional, in short order (pun very much intended).
  4. Google (responding to a shitstorm of complaints from the above tech-savvy folks) patches their home device/android phones, to ensure that they no longer respond to the ad.
  5. (hypothetical – but I genuinely hope true): Somewhere, a drunken, weeping “ad-man” sticks a handgun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger – leaving the world just that much cleaner.

I am genuinely glad that people culture-jammed the FUCK out of this gimmicky bullshit, before I stumbled across it.  (Not that I have a goodle speaker-thingy.)

Now I know NOT to put the Google speaker-thingy in proximity to my TV.  (Assuming, of course, I ever get one, or if I do, that I leave it “active” (and presumably listening in on my every move).

“Bad”-vertisers and MARKETARDS can ALL FUCKING swing.



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