The BK “OK Google” ad highlights exactly what features would NEED to be installed – and easily configurable – before I will *ever* get one of these type of devices:

  1. The ability to change the “hot-word” to a word/phrase of my own choosing.
  2. The ability to “train” the device to specifically respond to only specific individuals — especially if there’s any kind of “smart-home” remote activation shit set up.  (Hint: I don’t want some (B)advertising shit-clown creating a campaign based around hijacking my lights, or some shit like that.)
  3. The iron-clad ability to get the device to NOT be “listening” to everything – either for a predefined period of time (IE: “OK Google – go dormant for 2 hours” – or  until such time as a manual key-press/code-sequence is entered.

In other words: a reasonable amount of control over the device itself.

Otherwise: fuck that noise.



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