True story:

Back when we still lived in PA,  I managed to get this abysmally shitty temp-job at a packaging/distribution center for General Mills products.

I don’t drive, and the place was located on the outer edge of the local bus system.  Moreover, my shift ended several hours after the last bus.  Thus, my wife typically had to drive out to the warehouse to pick me up, after work.

Anyway, one day (for some reason – I honesty can’t remember why), she decided to bring along the cat we had at the time (a 25 pound Maine Coon mix.)

Anyway, this one woman who also worked at the warehouse was Vietnamese.  She ended up offering us a ridiculous amount of money for our cat – because she wanted to eat him, and was (as she put it)  prohibited from ‘adopting” cats from the animal shelter near her house.

Eventually, we got “Bell” to understand that we didn’t want to sell her our cat, because we genuinely loved our pet.

Now, here’s where things get interesting:

“Bell” utterly hated KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken.  See, she had a pet chicken when she was a child.  Thus, she utterly refused to eat chicken.

She wasn’t vegetarian or vegan – she just refused to eat chicken, because doing so reminded her of  her favorite childhood pet.

Now, I bring up this story because it highlights two things:

  1. Individuals from different “backgrounds’ sometimes have radically different outlook on stuff you wouldn’t immediately think would be “controversial”.
  2. “Offensiveness” is exclusively in the “eye of the beholder“.

Bell was “offended” by the fact that there was an entire restaurant chain dedicated to selling chicken.  Her local animal shelter was “offended” by the fact that she had “adopted” numerous cats,but had neglected that she had done so for the purpose of eating them.

Yet another anecdote which I hope illustrates why I simply cannot be bothered to give a shit whether any particular person happens to find something-or-other “offensive”, or not.




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