Not even worth killing:

I’ll be honest: I am capable of nothing but an (increasingly) icy contempt toward my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother.  If my “mother” contacted me tomorrow with the news that he had (finally) over-dosed, and died as a result, I would most likely be incapable of stopping myself from giggling like a school-girl.

Quite frankly, there is nothing of any genuine human value about that specific “person”:

A racist, chain-smoking heroin addict who has done nothing but victimize, terrorize and exploit his own relatives (on the theory that “blood is thicker than water”, so we would all allow him to get away with it, because we were socialized to believe that we “should” do so) – there is literally nothing about that individual of any value to me, whatsoever.

Empirically, there is nothing to differentiate him from a myriad of other functionally-illiterate high-school dropouts, involved in the various “White Power” ideologies.  ALL of them – any of them – are equally capable of gibbering incessantly about the purported disvalue presented by “niggers” and “kikes”.

There is absolutely nothing to differentiate this ONE imbecilic sub-animal from a myriad of other such vermin – except for the fact that my “mother” allowed this particular imbecile’s father to impregnate her, years before I was even born.

The only sane and rational question with regard to the ignorant sub-animal is: why exactly should I give THAT particular scum-fuck preferential treatment?  WHY does mere consanguinity necessitate that I willingly myself up to that sub-animal for further victimization?

Of course, the sane and rational answer is: it doesn’t.   The sane and rational answer is: “unconditional” love is merely a syndrome, empirically indistinguishable from a myriad of other such syndromes: Stockholm syndrome, “battered person” syndrome, etc.

Consanguinity is nothing but a gimmick that exploitative scum-fucks use to ensure that they are able to have a readily-available pool of victims, close at hand, who are socially lobotomized to as to be unable to resist their abuse.

The sane and rational answer is: fuck that noise.





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