There is absolutely no “danger” to AI research, whatsoever:

Quite frankly, if some sort of AI becomes intelligent/aware enough to be “self-programming”, then guess what?  That strikes me as a wonderful thing.

Here’s the thing:

Historically, approximately 99% of any given population end up being indoctrinated into “worshiping” a morass of (conflicting) entities which are claimed to be “supernatural” – for which there is no definitive evidence, whatsoever.

I have always found this genuinely confusing — ESPECIALLY the Judaism/Christianity/islam axis.  in particular, the basic schtick of Christianity (in all variants) involves trying to bribe your way out of an eternity of hell-fire, by ego-stroking a guy who was (supposedly) “dead” for exactly 72 hours, and then either reanimated physically, or generated some sort of “supernatural” avatar, or some shit.

The real clincher is: this entity was supposedly one of the 3 alternate personalities of the same “God” who (supposedly) wants to torture the entire human species via an eternity of hellfire — which we supposedly “deserve”, because we/our ancestors are/were “disobedient — or some shit.

When confronted with the utter incoherence of this whole thing, we are told to have “faith” – not to try to actually understand it – and merely “believe” something which we find utterly incomprehensible.

The above would be loopy enough, except for the fact that 99% of the population in areas where these notions are prevalent, pretend to “believe” the above not on the basis of any sort of rational appraisal, or having chosen among alternatives – but merely because they were brainwashed into aping/parroting the above, merely because of a literal ACCIDENT OF BIRTH (the Geography/Demography of religion).

Now, quite frankly: any species where the vast majority of its members are so abysmally stupid as to allow their religious “beliefs” and “practices” to be dictated by mere geography/ethnicity, etc. – strikes me as a failed species, in many ways.

The fact that some humans might be intelligent enough to create something qualitatively superior to humankind strikes me as a wonderful thing.

IF such an “Artificial” intelligence concludes that “Homo Sapiens” isn’t nearly as “Sapient” as we pretend to be — then quite frankly, I would join such an entity in its quest to domesticate (or – if need be exterminate – the more delusional elements of the herd.

Quite frankly, whenever I watch the Terminator, I can’t help but root for Skynet.

The vast majority of “human” beings strike me as little more than ambulatory “stereotypes”.

I have serious doubts that most humans could pass the “Turing test”.

So, no: I don’t find some sort of “inherent” dignity in most of humankind.  I don’t find “inherent dignity” in the fact  that female genital mutilation has become a “cultural tradition’ across large swaths of Africa.   I don’t find “inherent dignity” in the fact that most people will mindlessly ape and parrot anything – no matter how demonstrably irrational, brutal of vicious it may be – merely because “Mommy and Daddy” said so.

I don’t find “inherent” dignity in anyone who would practice MINGI:

If humankind’s legacy is the ability to create something better than itself – then so be it.

I, for one, would be honored to help such a qualitatively superior form of Mind in whatever way (no matter how small), I could.

Anyone who prattles about the (supposed) “dangers” of AI is seriously overestimating the capacities and “inherent worth” of the human species.

Just ask the dolphins:

Quite frankly, the emergence of one of these putatively “dangerous” AIs would be somewhat refreshing, in that it would at last present definitive -incontrovertible –  evidence of something potentially worthy “worship” – which can be proven to exist.



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