I (stupidly) contacted Karl. That will *never* happen again

A few days ago (Wednesday evening), I (stupidly) contacted Karl to inform him that at least some of the (publicly-accessible) information about him which I have highlighted on this blog, had (somehow) been noticed by 4chan.

Predictably, Karl was an idiot about it – as he is, with regard to everything else:

Some  inconvenient facts that Karl needs to keep in mind:

  1. NONE of the information I have highlighted here on the blog is “secret”.  ALL of it is publicly-available from easily-accessible sources —

His “hideously experimental homepage”

His inane, stream-of-consciousness ramblings on qrz.com

The “storage unit” company

His own relatives

His erstwhile fiancée, etc.

At any rate, his (myriad) psychological pathologies are well-known to everyone who has ever had the misfortune to come into contact with him.   Moreover, he has no grounds whatsoever for the assertion that I should somehow “ask permission” to document his antics.

I will  *never* “ask “permission” to discuss my own life – including the antics of others, when such antics have a negative impact on me.

HE was the one who insisted on calling me up, for no purpose other than to bitch and whine about the fact that compulsive E-waste hoarding had bitten him in the ass.

I merely found it amusing that he is still pretending that he will “someday” get around to organizing the various storage units of E-waste – when by his own admission, he his unable to “risk” driving his rickety shit=bucket of a jeep Wrangler over to the storage units, lest he end up “watering the tree of liberty”  with the life-blood of any police officer who attempts to even reprimand him for the fact that the aforementioned rickety shit-bucket of a jeep is neither inspected, nor registered (at least, as of February 2017).


Quite frankly, there are exactly TWO mutually exclusive/mutually-exhaustive options with regard to the above:

  1. Either he was telling me the truth (in which case this is merely another indication of how abysmally-negligent, and how pervasively flawed he is with regard to his “priorities” in life).
  2. Or, he was lying about it.  (What the hell for, exactly?  How would he think that “risking” a 75 dollar fine would make him look “bad-ass”?

At any rate, I do not have to ask his “permission” to mention the above facts related to his vehicle, inasmuch as he has repeatedly used them as (admittedly flimsy) EXCUSES for his inability to actually deal with the oh-so-precious “computer museum” putatively  stored in the aforementioned storage-units.

At any rate, all of the information I have cited about Karl (with the possible exception of the excerpts from the e-mail exchange with his former fiancée – which *might* be considered a “grey area”) is culled from publicly-accessible sources.

having said that, the excerpts from said E-mails have never mentioned his former fiancé’s name (not because she asked me not to do so, but rather because *I* didn’t feel that such information was necessary.

As to the other thing?  Karl pretends to himself that I should have “asked permission” before contacting his former -fiancée via Facebook.  Really?  Karl actually believes that he somehow “owns” both his former fiancée, and myself – to the point where either of us need to get his “permission” to associate with one another – even via e-mail?

To put it bluntly: fuck that noise.

I don’t need to ask Karl’s “permission” to contact anyone – regardless of whether or not the individual in question was in a romantic “relationship” with him years ago.

Nor do I need to ask his permission to discuss his antics with that individual.

Karl didn’t see the need to ask my permission to first instigate – and then actively participate in  – actual bullying and harassment perpetrated against me by one of his “friends” (a guy who lived in the same off-campus housing as I did at the time.)

The aforementioned harassment (and property destruction) consisted of the (among other things):

  1. Removing/destroying the light-bulbs from my room lamps, and concealing them in the drop-ceiling of my room (requiring me to waste inordinate amounts of time and money replacing light-bulbs (only to have those light-bulbs stolen/hidden, as well.)

The supposed “rationale” behind this harassment?  The fact that I was purportedly purchasing incandescent light-bulbs with poorly-designed filaments.

(The stupid fuck-stains merely wanted to harass me – quality of light-bulbs notwithstanding).

2. Pestering me incessantly about the fact that I tended to eat out at local restaurants instead of using the (communal) kitchen (or procuring microwave-meals).  Then using an electric drill to DESTROY food which I had purchased, by “screwing” it to the floor of my room.

(Question: WHY the FUCK should I comply with your demands that I waste time and money on shopping, if I can reliably predict that you are going to DESTROY whatever I buy – and then dismiss such harassment as a mere “prank”?)

3. Unscrewing the doorknob/tampering with the lock on my door, and then frantically hammering on said door, screaming “fire!” –  knowing full well that having unscrewed the door-knob would cause it to come off in my hand.

Taken singly, any of the aforementioned forms of petty harassment might semi-plausibly be excused as mere “pranks”.  However,  the fact that they were repeated and frequent (particularly the light-bulb thing) constituted nothing less than a coordinated pattern of (psychologically abusive) harassment against me.

Now, Karl has always explicitly blamed the aforementioned antics on Dave – stating that his culpability  in them was merely that he:

  1. Deliberately goaded Dave into engaging in such “pranks”,


2. Failing to talk him out of “pranking” me.

In other words, Karl has always claimed that he wasn’t to blame  for any of it – despite the fact that he (often) talked Dave into “pranking” me, explicitly provided him with the ideas behind such “pranks” (for example: the light-bulb related thing was entirely Karl’s idea) – and just “happened to be” physically present when the vast majority of such harassment took place  (more often than not, giggling hysterically).

Predictably, Karl takes no personal responsibility for having instigated Dave into harassing me, deliberately given him the ideas for all such “pranks”, and neglecting to tell Dave when to stop.  His go-to excuse on this?  “Well seriously, dude: Dave had a motorcycle, and metal tips on his boots.  does that seem like somebody you’d want to cross?

Really?  You instigate a campaign of targeted harassment against me by someone you’ve tacitly implied  to be a POTENTIAL PHYSICAL HAZARD to both of us — and are too much of a PUSSY LITTLE BITCH to take responsibility for doing so – ON THE GROUNDS THAT HIS MOTORCYCLE BOOTS HAD METAL TIPS?


At any rate, when I “called him out” on this, Karl claimed that the thing about the motorcycle boots was “just a joke”, and the fact that I want him to apologize for having instigated the targeted harassment against me back then indicates that I have “no sense of humor”.

Right, Karl.  a targeted pattern of psychological bullying, destruction of property, and theft directed against me for MONTHS ON END was “funny”.

Sure it was.


At any rate, Karl has now squandered even the last vestiges of compassion and tolerance I was (formerly) capable of directing toward him.

He was NEVER genuinely my friend, and I genuinely regret not having comprehended that fact until recently.


I get it: Karl wants me to believe that the fact that Dave himself was the proximate cause of all of it all) means that Karl himself wasn’t the ultimate cause –  the mastermind –   behind all of it


Dave himself had no (specific) grounds for harassing me – until KARL goaded him into doing so.

A targeted campaign of vandalism and harassment against me lasting for months on end isn’t just “pranking” me.

What Karl did was nothing less than to instigate a targeted hate-campaign against me, ORCHESTRATED BY AN INDIVIDUAL LIVING IN THE SAME BUILDING, who was in the perfect position to do Karl’s dirty-work for him.

Karl is no better than my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother.


6 thoughts on “I (stupidly) contacted Karl. That will *never* happen again

  1. I hope he gets to read my snarky comments so he can see how he alienated two of the last friends he had that were willing to tolerate his bullshit, and I hope he’s triggerd like an SJW!

    • That assumes two things:

      1. He actually bothers to read the blog. (Not going to happen, because – as with so much else – he claims to not “have time” for such things. (He’ll sit through 8 hour videos of David Icke/whatever inane “paranormal” shit happens to be on “Dark matter digital network” for 12 hours at a stretch, but somehow he doesn’t have “time” to read what people actually think of him.

      That’s cute.

      2. You’re also (tacitly) assuming that he is capable of giving a shit about us. He’s not – else he wouldn’t have done any of it, in the first place.

      As you are no doubt already aware, Karl’s vocabulary does NOT include anything even resembling the phrase “I’m sorry”. Nor is he capable of comprehending the fact that our failure to continue ass-patting him for his antics *just might* indicate that he has, in fact, mistreated us.

      Just like with the two failed romantic relationships: he is *incapable* of anything even resembling basic human decency, with regard to his dealings with others.

      So,no. He won’t bother to read anything on this blog (unless somehone happens to do a search on his name/call-sign, stumble across the blog, and then explicitly bring it to his attention – which is, sadly, unlikely to happen – given that we were – as you said – some of the last people who actually gave a shit about him.

  2. So he’s found something to do other than reading rec.radio.shortwave? Or as he used to call it, “I have a bunch of messages to catch up on.” As if the entirety of the newsgroup was directed specifically at him. Wow, he really is a fucking narcissist!

    • Yeah. His latest pretense has to do with the claim that he does a lot of “research” online.

      Oddly enough, he seems to be either unwilling, or (more likely) unable to direct me to any of the sources of such “research” — with the exception of two 8-hour David Icke videos which I wasn’t about to waste time watching.

      (Evidently – at least according to Karl – he claims you need the first 6 hours “just to be able to understand the background”.

      (Hmm: what exactly is so difficult to comprehend about a former soccer-mediocrity who babbles about trans-dimensional lizards who “feed on” human emotions – specifically, the emotions of pain and fear?)

  3. I always thought the only “lizard people” were us dirty Jews, and that’s still being debated by the klan.

    My money says he’s going to wind up in a loony bin, he’ll probably implicitly threaten a cop, go under Penntucky’s version of the Baker Act, and wind up permanently residing in one of that state’s horrible, backwards, mental wards. They always get the mediocre graduates running their institutions, usually some fucktard who got his PhD in Conversion Therapy at Saint Jeebus Psychiatric Bible Collitch of Nawunst. They’re still using the DSM-II!

    • Richly deserved, if you ask me. 🙂

      Of course, that assumes that he’s not a complete pussy, and doesn’t just wet himself during a traffic-stop, instead of emulating Bill Cooper’s desire to “draw a line in the sand”.

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