A (modest) proposal to address the problem of racism:

“Racism” basically unpacks to a combination of bigotry (against members of other “races”) and favoritism (chauvinism?) toward members of your own “race”.

(Hint: there is substantively no difference between the notions of “race” and “ethnicity” – except inasmuch as “race” is both more vague, and arbitrary as fuck):


Anyway: my solution to “racism” (or more accurately, to racists) involves the following:

ALL “outspoken” racist trash should be presented with the following ultimatum:

  1. Take one of those “AncestryDNA” tests (which purportedly detect specific genetic variants which roughly correlate with the “ethnic” background of one’s ancestors.
  2. In the (exceedingly likely) event that some of the aforementioned genetic markers indicate even an infinitesimal amount of what bigoted scum-fucks typically describe as “impurities” (IE: some ancestry originating “outside” of whichever “racial”/””Ethnic” category you’ve been conditioned to salivate over) – the racist in question should be presented with the following ultimatum:

A. RENOUNCE racism (and the vicarious “pride”-ideologies which typically go with it)


B. Deep-throat an Ar-15, and pull the trigger.

This should all happen in a public setting (say, a TV talk-show).

Crag Cobb should not have made it out of that TV studio alive.  The only way he should have gotten out of there was in a body-bag.

Now, here’s the beautiful part:

  1. Any self-identified “White pride” asshole (for example) who is too much of a cowardly little shit to take such a test, publicly, and then STAND BY THE RESULTS – proves him/herself to be a cowardly little shit, unworthy of even basic human decency.
  2. Given the “one-drop rule” (created by the ideological forebears of today’s racist scum-fucks) – any “leaven” leavens the whole loaf:


The rest  should be pretty obvious:

Real-live analogs of “Clayton Bigsby” should face consequences for their antics.


Plus — and this is the real “win” – a large number of “White pride” shit-stains would DIE SCREAMING.

I would really, really really love watching somebody like Craig Cobb pissing himself in terror, and whimpering like a whipped dog,

Quite simply, I cannot understand why  his erstwhile “White Power” pals haven’t lynched Craig Cobb.  Then again, “White-power” types (like my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother – and, to a lesser extent, Karl) are notoriously cowardly.

And no, this is NOT any sort of “hyperbole” on my part.

I don’t admire hypocrisy.  At least Dan Burros had the cojones to “off” himself before that newspaper reporter could “out” his jewish ancestry.





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