Another indication of why I’m probably not a “nice” person:

Has this happened to you?

You’re sitting at your local Cracker Barrel with your siblings and/or a parent and your grandparents when it happens. Your waiter, who happens to be black, just brought your grandmother a new baked fish because her first one was too salty and, as the waiter walks away, she whips out the ever-dreaded, N-word. Your internal racism alarm goes off, sweat drips down your back, you grip the table in front of you, and try not to spit out your drink. Your mind begins racing; should I say something? Should I just sit uncomfortably? Should I let the sweet embrace of the void take me now?

Here’s another solution:

Wait until the meal is done, and you and “Granny” are safely out of the public eye – and then straight-out call her a BIGOTED OLD BAT to her face.

Anything less — ANY level of “exception-making” predicated on mere consanguinity – makes you an accessory to her delusional bullshit.

Consider the following:

This is 2017.  1967 (the “Summer of Love”) was fifty years ago.

The “Civil Rights” movement was before that – most active between 1955 (the Montgomery bus boycott) and 1964/65 (Federal Civil Rights/Voting Rights acts, respectively).

Quite frankly, given the above facts, it is overwhelmingly likely that your racist Granny is most definitely “young” enough to know better.

This is especially true for so-called “millenials”.    If the woman who now happens to be your grandmother is around the same age as those Hippies who rolled around in the mud at the original Woodstock Festival, then the ditzy cunt has NO excuse for having failed to improve over the past fifty fucking years.

Quite frankly, if “Granny” is now a bigoted old bat, despite having FIVE DECADES WORTH OF OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPROVE HERSELF — then she isn’t merely a racist cunt, but an abysmally stupid one, as well.

(And, no: let me head this off right here: my use of the term “cunt” in the above context is in no way “sexist” — it is a (fairly) common slur among the Brits:

More to the point, the above “objection’ assumes (incorrectly) that racist shit-stains are actually deserving of even the level of courtesy one would extend to a total stranger.

They’re NOT – as evidenced by the racist antics, themselves.

The only rational – and genuinely moral – response to such a (thankfully soon to be dead) racist “Elder” is: “I have lost any ‘respect’ I might previously have had for you.  I am genuinely ashamed to be associated with you in any way – including by means of consanguinity (Blood).  You have conclusively demonstrated yourself to be UTTERLY, IRREMEDIABLY STUPID AND VICIOUS, and the world will be just that much better after you are DEAD.

“By your idiotic little outburst, you have CONCLUSIVELY DEMONSTRATED  that – despite A HALF-CENTURY OR MORE of opportunities to become a worthwhile human being, you have instead chosen to REMAIN a bigoted, vicious PIECE OF SUB-HUMAN SHIT, who is UTTERLY INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM ANY RANDOM hood-wearing Klansman.”

Because guess what?  FAILURE  to  call “Granny” out for being a bigoted little bitch can only be explained by one of two motive – neither of which are particularly “noble”:

  1. You are mollycoddling racist filth, in hopes of possibly inheriting the aforementioned filth’s assets (both physical and financial) after it is dead.
  2. You tacitly – or explicitly – AGREE with the aforementioned racist filth.

That’s it.  The above are genuinely the ONLY two possible motives for anything other than a mix of pity, shame and contempt toward such racist “Elders”.

TL;DR: They’ve had 50 years to improve, and failed to do so.  A half-century is MORE than enough time.







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