“Disown” them back, already:

One of the favored tactics of racist/sexist/xenophobic idiot trash “relatives” – hell, their primary tactic for extorting compliance from those who know better – and try to BE better as a result – involves either threatening to “disown” or “disinherit” the recalcitrant individual.

As I’ve covered elsewhere (at length): acquiescence to this sort of emotional (or financial) BLACKMAIL is flatly, utterly, incontrovertibly UNACCEPTABLE.

Quite frankly, it is way past the point where their (cognitive and moral) betters need to embrace this tactic, and begin using it against bigoted trash.

For example: if the racist Granny from the previous post knew – beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt – that her children/grandchildren would never visit her again, or willingly be associated with her in a public setting  after such an outburst – then there is at least a slight chance that she might at least pretend to be a worthwhile human being – at least long enough not to be a fucking embarrassment to those children/grandchildren (who are  most likely – at least judging by the “Flynn Effect” – both cognitively and morally superior to her).

Most likely, both her children and grandchildren are cognitively better (in terms of abstract thought, and the ability to organize their own knowledge-base), and they are morally better, in that they are more capable of “universalizing” ethical principles, and applying them to those “outside” of their particular, bigoted little “identity” box.

“Granny” (and her ilk) need to  know that the only way that her children/grandchildren will ever actively associate with her again is if she at least attempts to IMPROVE cognitively and morally – to whatever extent such might be possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong: If “granny” is genuinely afflicted with something like dementia/Alzheimer’s, etc. – then expecting her to improve is probably not realistic.

However, in a situation where the individual is “still” capable of competency, they can improve.

A perfect example of this was George Wallace (the segregationalist, “Jim-Crow” piece of shit who renounced racism, after surviving having been gunned down like a rabid dog:

During his final years, Wallace publicly recanted his racist views and asked for forgiveness from African Americans.[3][4]


Now here’s the thing: if a”Jim Crow” dick-head like George Wallace could eventually become an actual human being, your racist “granny” has no excuse, whatsoever.


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