This video illustrates the theological equivalent of: heroin vs. methadone

The above video (somewhat humorously) illustrates the complete and total inanity of what passes for “Christianity”, as of 2017:

Constantinity (er, I mean “Christianity”)  — the supposed “Body of Christ” – has been decomposing since at least 1054 AD:

(This really isn’tt surprising, given that it has always relied on brainwashing children/the torture and slaughter of “unbelievers”/”heretics” – to propagate itself.

This process of degeneracy has been speeding up over the last 500 years (since the so-called “Reformation”).  Quite frankly, a gaggle of intellectually vacuous brutes could offer no credible answer to a gaggle of gleeful heretics – and as a result, there are approximately 38,000 (incompatible) variants of “Christianity” cluttering up the world with their  inanity:

Meanwhile, the “clergy” (all 38,000 flavores of ’em!), just keep getting caught up in sketchy shit involving hookers and blow (Fundie Protestants), or kiddie-diddling (The Roman Catholic priesthood).

MEANWHILE, another gaggle hipsters, tree-huggers and SJWs have “emerged”, and are really, really, really super-excited to tell us all how “Progressive” they are, and how they’re “not all like that”:

MEANWHILE (back in Reality):  their myriad “churches” become ever-emptier, leading to a world with far fewer nuns – and far more NONES:

TL;DR: “Christianity” bullied ies way to hegemony over the territory of the Roman Empire  by colluding with a thug (Constantine) – squandered that hegemony by means of the “East-West” schism, squandered any pretense at theological unity or non-violence (among all but a tiny handful of so-called “peace” churches), welt insane (“Fundamentalism”) – and is now rightfully paying the price.

Christianity’s “brand” has nearly 2000 years of blood, bile, and (literalist) BULLSHIT.

The dirty little secrets are out in the open, folks.  No amount of (increasingly-frantic) t turd-polishing is going to “fix” this.

If you try to be “relevant” – people flee in droves:

If you try to be “literal” – you end up psychotic:

Personally, I find the entire spectacle extremely entertaining — ESPECIALLY the Affirming “churches”:

(Don’t get me wrong: if this new split between “Progressive” Christians and Fundies ends up rendering “Christianity” even more fractious and culturally impotent – then that’s a “win'” right there.




2 thoughts on “This video illustrates the theological equivalent of: heroin vs. methadone

  1. If you really want to drive a christian over the edge, tell them jesus was executed for promoting communism. He was the party’s first First-Secretary!

    That whole resurrection thing is a fascist coverup…nobody ever got hanged for loving his neighbor, unless it was in that way *wink wink*.

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