Nordstrom is selling “muddy” jeans for $425

Image result for Nordstrom muddy jeans


Several things:

  1. ANYONE who can actually afford to shop at Nordstrom should probably be intelligent enough not to spend over 400 bucks on a single pair of jeans – especially when it would be infinitely more authentic to buy some cheap-ass jeans at the sort of place FREQUENTED BY THE 99%, and then actually do something to get them muddy.
  2. Of course, we all know that won’t happen.  The sort of yuppie/hipster shit-stains who would actually go for this kind of thing have been doing this faux-“authenticity” bullshit for — how long, now?

When did “pre-ripped” jeans fad happen?  When did it become too much effort to actually rip your own jeans?

Of course, the above pales in comparison to the transparent (PVC?) jeans:

The above are just two examples of why the mere idea of “fashion” makes me want to dismember somebody with an axe.

I have always had exactly one “rule” when it comes to clothing: My purpose for wearing clothing is so that I am NOT NAKED.

Beyond that, I (mostly) don’t give a shit.  I detest shopping – even “window”-shopping tends to grate on me.  In any case, I would never spend over four hundred dollars on a single pair of jeans.

The jeans below cost $9.96 at Wal-mart:

Just as a rough estimate, for the same price as the single pair of faux-mud jeans from Nordstrom I could get fifty pairs of the jeans pictured above, and then splatter them with a myriad of whatever the hell I wanted to use – restrained only by my “creativity” and whimsical “fashion” sense.

Here’s a great new fad for hipsters: how about they all go out and buy “vintage” straight-razors, and SLIT ONE ANOTHER’S THROATS?

Hell, we could even make that more “hipsterrrific”, by making it “go viral” — Give it a catchy name like “cut-throat competition”, or something along those lines.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve become a misanthrope — why do you ask? 🙂




2 thoughts on “Nordstrom is selling “muddy” jeans for $425

  1. I resemble that remark! I’ve shaved with a straight razor for years!

    You’d think Nordstrom would at least have the sophistication to use a lighter colored mud resembling Alfisols found in the Napa Valley of California.

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