Karl pretends to be interested in the paranormal:

One of the things Karl was doing last time I bothered to talk to him, was (sporadically) attending a “metaphysical” meet-up group.  He makes a big-ass deal about how this “isn’t a ‘paranormal’ meet-up” — but rather, a “metaphysical” one.

Evidently, dumbed-down “new Age” gibberish mixed with the “Law of attraction” qualifies as “metaphysical” to Karl.

At any rate, I lost interest in the entire topic, when I asked Karl if he had mentioned the “mystery” involving the burnt-out license plate lights (which Karl contends is obviously some sort of “message from the cosmos” – directed specifically to him.

Predictably, he had failed to do so – probably because even what passes for “New Agers” in that region of Pennsylvania would be unlikely to believe him.

See, here’s the thing:

In order for me to buy into Karl’s insanity with the license-plate bulbs, I would have to accept (at least) the following truth-claims:

1. “The Cosmos” sometimes gives “messages” to specific individuals

2. These “messages” sometimes take the form of burnt-out license plate bulbs.

(in other words: “the cosmos” has been deliberately causing license-plate bulbs to burn out more frequently – so as to “communicate” some sort of “message”.)

3. The burnt-out license plate thing is “meant for” KARL.

Quite frankly, even if I uncritically swallowed Karl’s claim about the cosmos sending messages via abysmally mundane “channels” – such as license-plate bulbs, that still  wouldn’t imply that the “message” in question was specifically directed toward Karl.

As of 2016, the population of Lancaster County was estimated to be 538,500 people.  (This is not counting those just traveling through Lancaster county for various reasons – interstate drivers, people form other PA counties, etc.)

What  possible justification does Karl have for believing that HE is uniquely special, as compared to the 538,000+ others in that county?

Oh, wait, that’s right: Karl is a narcissist, who implicitly – or explicitly – attempts to make EVERYTHING “ABOUT” HIM – even something as mind-numbingly prosaic (and devoid of existential import) as whether or not an inordinate number of license-plate light bulbs happen to be burnt out at any given time.

Most likely,  even the “open-minded” folks at the “metaphysical meet-up” would be unlikely to be that stupid.  They would probably laugh at him, and/or accuse him of deliberately attempting to make the “paranormal research community” look bad.

TL;DR: “the Cosmos” has been trying to send Karl a message – for 40+ years – and it has nothing to do with license-plate bulbs.

The message is: He is a failure, in literally every way that it is possible for an individual to fail – familial/romantic relationships, “career” goals, his (nonexistent) “computer museum” etc.  – even the targeted harassment campaign he and Dave waged against me up in Williamsport.

He even fails at coming up with an entertaining “new age” delusion.

Worst of all, he has also failed to emulate Bill Cooper, by committing suicide by cop.

So much for “watering the tree of liberty”, dude.





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