If Karl genuinely ‘believes” what he claims to believe, they why isn’t he more outspoken about it?

The most noticeable thing about Karl is: he tends to be extremely “secretive” and closed-mouthed in regard to his (supposed) political/mystical “beliefs” – unless you are unlucky enough to be “close” to him.

Now, his relatives have never taken him seriously enough to bother listening to him gibber for any length of time:  Neither Franz (his father) nor Ellen (his mother) have ever allowed him to blather on in their presence, for any length of time.

They have never (for example) bothered to read Bill Cooper’s book (which is actually a point in their favor).  Nor have they ever willingly sat through episodes of Bill’s short-wave radio show (“Hour of the time”).

Same goes for Karl’s (current) obsession with David Icke.

Put bluntly: Karl’s parents recognize his pervasive ineptitude and delusions – and simply tune all of it out.

Same goes for his “friends” from the radio club, or the other employees at his job.

NONE OF THEM are subjected to his inane babbling.

No, the only time Karl is ever “honest”, is with the two (failed) romantic relationships, and certain extremely tolerant individuals who attempt to “befriend” him.

If you’ve read this blog for any lengh of time, you’ve encountered two of them: myself, and a frequent commenter by the name of “Jeff”.

BOTH of us (at various times) made the mistake of attempting to treat Karl like a rational person (instead of treating him like a cognitively-disabled toddler).

Because ultimately, that’s what he is: an overgrown toddler, obsessed with his own imaginary world, who is apt to throw tantrums, when that make-believe world is challenged.

See, in his “make-believe” fantasy-world, Karl sees himself as a combination of one of the heroes from the movie Red Dawn (WOLVERINES!!!!!!!), and “Neo” from the Matrix, and Nikola Tesla

In his own mind, Karl is a heroic, supremely-competent tech-genius, who has also “taken the red pill”.  Moreover, the fact that he owns various firearms (and uses them to shoot groundhogs which are already inside the live-traps he placed for that specific purpose) demonstrations that he is more than willing to “draw a line in the sand” – or even “water the tree of liberty” if necessary.

In reality, of course, Karl is an obese, rather frog-like individual, living in a trailer which is so crammed full of (un-sorted) E-waste that he is unable to actually use his own kitchen, buried under an avalanche of (unpaid) medical bills related to an umbilical hernia he failed to have treated for approximately ten years (supposedly because of his antipathy toward  so-called “Cut and burn” medicine).

He has been fired from most of the jobs he has ever had – up to and including what could have been the gateway to his “dream” scenario: something involving some guys in Arizona who allowed him to “telecommute” (IE:  log onto their business-computers remotely), and send the physical prototypes themselves via UPS.

(From what he said, they were permitting him to do this on the express conditions that he re-locate to Arizona, within a 90-day window.   Predictably, he failed to do so (choosing the hoarded E-waste – (er, I mean “computer museum”) over what was probably his last opportunity – so they fired his ass.

At any rate, Karl tends to “hide” his myriad pathologies and failures from most people (not that they could actually miss the dumpy weirdo in the barely-drivable jeep lurking in the parking-lot, but still….)

I’ve come up with a theory as to why he does this: Karl UNDERSTANDS the fact that he would  either be a  laughing-stock, or object of revulsion, if anyone actually found out the truth about him.

The compulsive hoarding, paranoia, (endlessly switching) conspiracy-theories etc. are all indicative of profound psychological problems.  In fact, absent the compulsive hoarding thing, he would most likely be diagnosed with delusional disorder


Most likely, he would be diagnosed as “mixed” – showing features of the grandiose and persecutory sub-types.  However, such a diagnosis is unlikely to occur until he manages to do something abysmally stupid (such as, for example, attempt to “water the tree of liberty” with the life-blood of some hapless cop who merely pulls him over for what would otherwise be a routine traffic-stop).

I have concluded that Karl is both beyond help – and (more importantly), that he is undeserving of such help, even if it were possible:

He is beyond help in that he stubbornly refuses to even acknowledge the problems themselves.

He is undeserving of help, for the same reasons he is undeserving of either romantic love or friendship: his narcissism and profound cruelty towards those he claims to “value”.

Quite frankly, I have come to regard Karl with exactly the same mixture of revulsion and contempt that I feel toward my Idiot, heroin-addict half-brother.





One thought on “If Karl genuinely ‘believes” what he claims to believe, they why isn’t he more outspoken about it?

  1. It sounds to me like Karl is becoming increasingly isolated and starting to psychologically break down. The only solution to this is he needs the company of others, unfortunately, none of us wants to be around him, nor should we continue to subject ourselves to his bullshit, for his sake. Actually, he’s the one who decided to cease all communications with me haha.

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