A sure-fire (albeit comparatively slow) cure for racism:


Specifically: The descendants of racists – cohabiting with/fucking/”interbreeding” with individuals originating from a different “race” – ON PRINCIPLE.

don’t get me wrong: at least some of the resultant “impure” individuals will probably continue to be able to “pass” as “White” – but in and of itself, that fact is irrelevant – because even those “passing” as “White” will continue spreading their “non-white” DNA through the populace at large.

The most probable result?  Something along these lines:



My point is: “race” is essentially a mass(turbatory) self-delusion – and I love the fact that “identity” pukes (on all “sides”) just can’t seem to prevent their delusive “identities” from being shattered.

Guess what?  Do you like Carol Channing?

In her autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess, the 81-year-old performer told the story of the day she learned that she is biracial.

She recalled that she was 16 years old and heading to college when her mother told her that she was “part Negro.”

“I’m only telling you this,” Channing recalls her mother, Peggy, saying, “because the Darwinian law shows that you could easily have a Black baby.”

Her mother continued by explaining Carol’s unique look. She told the doe-eyed performer that because of her heritage that was “why my eyes were bigger than hers (I wasn’t aware of this) and why I danced with such elasticity and why I had so many of the qualities that made me me.”

The revelation didn’t bother Channing, who said, “I thought I had the greatest genes in showbiz.”

George Channing, Carol’s father, was the son of a German American father and a Black mother. While still very young, his mother, who worked as a domestic, moved him and his sister from his birthplace of Augusta, GA, to Providence, RI, where she thought people would never recognize his “full features.”

Channing’s paternal grandmother didn’t raise her father and his sister because she “didn’t want anyone to see her around her children” because she was “colored,” the performer surmised.

carol channing

Now, the thing that has to be truly galling on a bone-deep level is: slave ‘owners” just couldn’t manage to “keep it in their pants”, some of the resultant “mulattoes” etc. managed to “pass” as “White” – and any pretense of “racial purity” is utterly impossible as a result.

IF (openly) racist sub-animals were either consistent or scientifically literate (yeah – I know), then KKK chapters and racist “skinhead” groups would require some sort of DNA test (ancestry.com/23andMe, etc.) for membership.

Of course, that would have precluded something like Craig Cobb from continuing to be above ground, polluting the world with his racist idiocy (as opposed to having been snuffed by his own cadre).

New rule for those trying to “defend” racism in the comments section:

REAL NAMES, physical addresses, and DNA test results – or fuck off.

Think of it as the racist version of “pics or it didn’t happen”.


Hell, maybe it should be a “meme”.  Maybe it can turn into some kind of “Internet challenge” for (purportedly) “White” trash:  “How ‘white’ are you?”

I mean think about it: if people are going to call “bullshit” on Rachel Dolezal  for self-identifying as Black, and Elizabeth Warren’s stuff about cherokee ancestry, then why in hell would anyone in their right mind (pun very much intended) permit someone – let alone some anonymous/pseudonymous shit-poster – make completely unsubstantiated claims either about their own “racial” purity?

For all I know, the virulently racist jackhole could be a Craig Cobb-type who just “self-identifies as ‘white’ because he/she can manage to pass the “brown bag” test:


Beyond that, all I can say – as kindly and gently as possible – is: fuck off, poseur.

Or, (to borrow a particularly inane ‘meme’ from the Alt-right):





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