Better watch out, Goober – that “Aryan” goddess you’re banging might have a “dark’ secret in her past:

A lightskinned woman has won her battle to be designated black, even though her parents listed her as white on her birth certificate in an attempt to help her overcome racial bias.

A judge on Wednesday directed Kansas officials to issue a new birth certificate for 39-year-old Mary Christine Walker, who was born in Great Bend, Kan.”I’m glad it’s over,” said the former Denver public school teacher, who always called herself black. “I’m very thrilled.”

Her attorney, Penfield Tate II, said Kansas’ current birth certificates do not designate race, so her new one will have no race on it at all. “But that is fine with us,” he said.

The order came from U.S. District Judge John Brooks of Denver, who heard Walker’s plea to stop the illusion that she was white, a well-intentioned deception she said her parents started.

Her father, who’s black, and her mother, who had a white mother and a black father, endowed their daughter with a fair complexion, green eyes and light brown hair that would allow perpetuation of the secret.

“My parents wanted their kids to make it, and they picked the easiest way possible,” Walker said. “They knew what it was to be black. They knew the problems.”

At that time, passing for white was risky but financially rewarding for blacks who had the physical and emotional ability, she said.

“Mom really stressed the white world on the kids–education, manners–and she was very paranoid about the secret getting out,” Walker said.

But she said she couldn’t blame her parents.

Comment on this story “I resent that this society is set up in such a way that someone would have to pass (for another race). It’s a disgrace that this country is so screwed up racially. Because it really is,” she said.

Walker said that, living as a black, she never was bothered by the heritage of deception except when applying for work. Prospective employers would point out the discrepancy between the “white” on her birth certificate and the “black” she had filled in as race on an application, accusing her of lying to take advantage of policies that encourage minority hiring.

Her claim of civil rights discrimination following the incident was rejected, too.

The above (and many, many, many more such incidents) is a vanishingly small part of why I find “race”-blather (from both the “left” and “Right”), to be abysmally stupid.

GTFO my “comments” section, Goober, seriously.

Just don’t even bother to try.  Your “comment” won’t get posted. All that will happen is that it will inspire me to rummage up even more of this sort of thing, so as to further discredit “racist” jackholes in general.

Aww….did I hurt your feewings?  Time to go back to your safe-space (stormfront, etc.) and pretend that you actually know what the fuck you’re babbling about.

The truly amusing thing is: all that “88 words” shit about a future for “white children?”

Given the phenomenon of “passing” — how the fuck do you even begin to determine who is “really” “pure” racial stock?   Answer me that, Goober.

Oh wait, that’s right: you can’t – because that would actually require you to be “literate” in multiple senses of the term:

“Literate” in the most basic sense of “I kan haz readin’ books”.

More fundamentally, “literate” in terms of the biological UNREALITY of “race”.

More fundamentally still: historically literate in regard to the fact that “Ol’ Massa” couldn’t keep it zipped, etc. etc.




4 thoughts on “Better watch out, Goober – that “Aryan” goddess you’re banging might have a “dark’ secret in her past:

  1. I’m wondering in this day and age why government is even putting race on the certificate. “Race” should only be considered by a jury when prosecuting hate crimes and civil rights violations.

    • The totally bizarre thing about the “race”-classification on such documentation is: it relies on the individual to SELF-DESIGNATE.

      The thing about that is: as the guests on the “Donahue” episode demonstrated, there is *no* direct correspondence between the superficial physical characteristics commonly invoked by racists (IE: skin color, hair texture, etc.) – and how any given individual chooses to self-identify.

      So, yeah: I can totally see how (self-designated) “Whites” would have left their guard down enough to say racist shit around any of those panelists. That’s probably part of why Rock Newman appeared so eager to give somebody a beat-down over it.

  2. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are multiracial. Personally, I prefer miscegenation. Then again, I’m a dirty race-mixing commie Jew so it stands to reason I would…

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