“Quasi-Trotskyite?” Seriously?

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother tended to yip-yap about the (purported) virtues of favoring specific individuals on the basis if mere consanguinity.  His “reason” for doing so?  An attempt to morally disarm his primary victims – his “kin”.

I freely admit that my “parents” were too stupid to refrain from breeding/  Having said that, they were also too stupid to “parent” in any substantive sense of the term.

As to the other bullshit contained i the “comment” which I trashed?  What the fuck gives you the idea that the fact that I happen to be ‘bearded” somehow implies that I am a “hipster?”

Consanguinity is fucking worthless, in and of itself.  The only ones who “gain” by such “blood”-fetishism are those with a desperate need for a means to manipulate their VICTIMS by way of undeserved guilt.

You still failed to address my basic point: WHY should I – or anyone else – PRIVILEGE one specific junkie imbecile, MERELY on the basis of consanguinity (“blood”?)

I find it amusing when racist sub-animals (who are incapable of rationality) attempt to “argue” for their bigotry.

Trust me: I’ve heard all of the “arguments” (excuses) put forward by racist/”kinship”-fetishists.  ALL of them fail, because they never answer the fundamental point:

If anything, imbeciles who were TOO STUPID to refrain from breeding “accidentally”,  to negligent to actually bother “parenting” – and too short-sighted to “resort” to adoption – deserve NO respect, on any of those 3 counts.

To claim otherwise, is to claim that the infant abandoned by one of those negligent teens (in a dumpster, out back of the prom), somehow “owes” something to the one who abandoned it.


I don’t buy it.  Mere consanguinity means nothing.

Quite frankly, the fact that you would think that this had anything to do either with Trotsky, or the (incidental) fact that I happen to (currently) have a beard is……somewhere between amusing and pathetic.



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