Racist sub-animals can’t have it both ways: EITHER “kinship” or “race” – but not both


Y’know, history itself has to be a total pain in the ass for racists:

During the time period of slavery in America the white slave owners would have sex with their black female slaves, and the result often was children being born. Many slave owners did not help their mixed blooded mulatto children; they labeled these children black and let their black mothers raise them. These white looking children were considered slaves just like their mothers. The one drop blood rule that Southern whites followed said, that if you have one drop of black blood in you then you are black, no matter how much white blood and genetics you have in you.


In 1911, Arkansas passed Act 320 (House Bill 79), also known as the “one-drop rule.” This law had two goals: it made interracial “cohabitation” a felony, and it defined as “Negro” anyone “who has…any negro blood whatever,” thus relegating to second-class citizenship anyone accused of having any African ancestry. Although the law had features unique to Arkansas, it largely reflected nationwide trends.

Laws against interracial sex were not new. Virginia declared extramarital sex a crime during Oliver Cromwell’s era and increased the penalty for sex across the color line in 1662. In 1691, Virginia criminalized matrimony when celebrated by an interracial couple. Maryland did so the following year, and others followed. By 1776, twelve of the thirteen colonies that declared independence forbade intermarriage.

Though the intermarriage ban widened, extramarital interracial sex—at least between white men and black women—was tolerated. By 1910, twenty-nine of the forty-six states, including Arkansas, prosecuted intermarriage but not such instances of interracial sex. Public rhetoric justified such laws as preserving “racial purity.” Nevertheless, tolerance of white male/black female liaisons versus punishment of black male/white female relationships showed this to be a rationalization. Scholars suggest that marriage was punished because it implied social equality—an alliance between families that was not tolerated across the color line. Mere sex lacked such implication.

Until Reconstruction, states found ways to accommodate interracial families. However, tolerance faded during the Jim Crow era. House Bill 79 outlawed interracial families altogether, declaring the mere existence of a biracial child evidence of parental crime.

The law also defined “Negro” as having “any negro blood whatever.” Dichotomous “racial” classification was also invented in colonial times, with blood-fraction laws defining a “Negro” as having more than a given fraction of African ancestry. North America’s first blood-fraction law, in 1705, used a one-eighth rule (a person was black if one great-grandparent was entirely of African ancestry). By 1910, twenty states classified citizens by blood-fraction, most using one-fourth or one-eighth. However, appearance also played a role in racial definition in pre-1911 Arkansas, as exemplified by the case of the 1861 freedom case of Guy v. Daniel, in which slave Abby Guy was awarded her freedom largely because of her appearance and behavior. Before 1911, Arkansas’s railroad segregation law defined “Negro” as “one in whom there is a visible and distinct admixture of African blood.” However, the emergence of scientific racism gave rise to the notion that a person could look and self-identify as white but still somehow be black.

A neighboring state outlawed interracial sex three years earlier. Louisiana’s Act 87 of 1908 declared “concubinage between a person of the Caucasian or white race and a person of the negro or black race” a felony. The law was tested in 1910 when the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Octave Treadaway of New Orleans and his mistress. Chief Justice Provosty ruled that the woman was neither “Negro” nor “Black”; rather, she was “Coloured,” an intermediate caste based upon dual ancestry, as defined in Louisiana caselaw. Within a month of Provosty’s ruling, lawmakers reconvened, amending the statute to define “Negro” via a one-thirty-second blood fraction—in effect, a one-drop rule.

When Arkansas’s legislature met the following year, it left no wiggle-room for a recalcitrant judge. They adopted the wording of Louisiana’s statute while adding the one-drop clause. The felony for interracial sex was “punishable by one month to one year in penitentiary at hard labor.”


Now, please note the double-standard:

  1. Slave “owners” fucking/impregnating what amounted to human livestock (their “property”) – was “tolerated”.
  2. Any sort of relationship which involved treating Non-Whites as fellow human beings was criminalized.
  3. A “racial” caste-system relegated individuals to victim-status merely on such amazingly “scientific” grounds as possessing “one thirty-second blood fraction”.

See, here’s the thing: racist fuck-stains typically love them some double-standards.   My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother was so brazenly “textbook” in this regard as to be outright comical:

True story:

Some years back (when I was still stupid enough to willingly associate with the Junkie psychopath) my wife and I happened to run into him at the local Wal-mart.  The weird thing was: at the time, he happened to be accompanied by a “black” woman my wife and I had previously never met.

When I motioned him aside and (discreetly) inquired as to the identity of his non-white companion, his response was rather telling:

“Oh, don’t mind her.  She’s just somebody I fuck sometimes.”

Now, the amusing thing about this whole fiasco was: I had spent years listening to this idiotic sub-animal bloviate about the (purported) virtues of “racial purity”, and how much “niggers” disgusted him — and here he was, brazenly cavorting with one of them, at the local wal-mart.

Because he “needed something to fuck“.

The truly amusing thing about this was; the woman in question happened to have a young son who (at least according to my ‘mother’) – bore an uncanny resemblance to how my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother had looked as a child (albeit somewhat darker complected).

So, no.  Even my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother “resorted” to fucking non-white women “as needed” – and then (most likely) managed to breed an “impure” spawn as a result.

And racist sub-animals wonder why I am unable to take them – or their babbing – seriously.

Go figure.



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