There is only ONE reason to fetishize consanguinity:

….in order to GET AWAY WITH something.

That’s it.  That is literally the only “reason” anyone could possibly give for privileging so-called “blood kin”  – regardless of the antics of such individuals.

In regard to the Junkie psychopath (just as an example): “But…..he’s your brother!

No, he’s not.  He is (regrettably) one of several half-siblings (most of whom I have – fortunately – either never met at all, or only in passing.

From a factual standpoint he is nothing more, less or other than a barely-literate, racist, chain-smoking HEROIN ADDICT, who has done nothing but engage in emotional/psychological/physical abuse towards his own “kin” -and then manipulate his primary victims into “FORGIVING” him for having done so – ONLY to do it all, again.

If you call him out on his bullshit, he will either throw a petulant little tantrum over it (complete with foot-stamping, lip-quivering etc.), threaten to engage in physical violence (only to stalk off like a cowardly little bitch when stared down) – or outright lie about his antics to his primary Enabler (my so-called “mother”).

And yet somehow, my failure to mindlessly acquiesce to what amounts to Pavlovian conditioning in regard to the junkie psychopath/his enabler was enough to prompt some posturing nonentity to “comment” on one of my posts, in an attempt to “defend” both “kinship”-based victimization and racism.

See, this is why I blog about things:  rational people need to begin calling “bullshit” on pathological social/political/economic structures – as opposed to passively acquiescing to those structures (and becoming complicit, by having done so.)

And quite frankly, the institution of “kinship” becomes pathological to the extent that the individual conduct of the members of such “kin”-groups is exploitive or victimizing.

It is high time for the victims to resist such gimmicks.

Bottom line: if you wouldn’t permit such conduct from a TOTAL STRANGER, why the fuck do you permit it from your “relatives?” (“blood”-kin, or otherwise.).

The “answer” would-be apologists for the (supposed) virtues of “kinship”-based victimization give typically amounts to some variant of the following tautology:  One “should” permit oneself to be victimized by “kin” – out of MERE DUTY.

I don’t buy it.  It is utterly inane as a line of “thought” – and quite frankly, strikes me as the root pathology underlying so much of what is euphemistically described as “family dysfunction”.

The most laughable aspect of the (attempted) comment was the claim that my failure to uncritically support “kin”-based victimization/racist ass-hattery, somehow implies that I am a “bearded, Trotskyite Hipster”.

Really?  I would be genuinely interested to discover that Leon Trotsky had urged individuals NOT to uncritically excuse/forgive/become complicit in the antics of drug-addled psychopaths who just happen to be “related” to them by “blood”.

Of course, such information won’t be forthcoming anytime soon, because that would actually require the would-be troll to invest some effort into presenting an argument which didn’t reduce to “You should – because you should!”.

Anyone who has actually bothered to read the blog is most likely aware of the fact that I do not suffer fools gladly.  I am utterly disinterested in whether or not any given individual might be “offended”, or not.

The fact is: my “mother” has spent decades enabling and mollycoddling my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, and covering up his antics in every way possible.  As things stand, it is overwhelmingly unlikely (to the point of absurdity) that there will be any physical/financial assets left to “inherit” in the event of either of my “parents'” deaths.

If mister “I don’t like condoms” had actually bothered to be any sort of “father” to any of his various offspring, things might very well have turned out differently.

In the same vein (pun very much intended), if my so-called “mother” had ever attempted to reign in her precious little Junkie first-born”, I might be able to permit myself a bit more of that maudlin sentimentality which is so often substituted for thought, among the general populace.

Alas, neither of the above things happened.  My “kin” made their choices and priorities abundantly clear over the course of decades – and no (failed) attempt at pro-racist trolling of my comment section is going to change that.





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